Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cast off / alternative to Dungeon

First off the cast is off and things are not good. I think the broken bone is mended ok, BUT! My wrist and hand are all screwed up. Both are still swollen badly and trying to bend my wrist is very painful. Don't look like I'll be able to do much of anything with my left arm probably without surgery. The VA would have to do that and they are still dragging their feet getting me back in the system. I guess the cabin is on hold indefinitely since there is very little I can do now..

As for the Dungeon alternative? Now there is a company selling pre-built treated wood cabins and storage buildings. They can be bought via rent to own or outright. Delivery to your property is free. Prices seem real good to. Sure wish I'd have had that option back when I was renting the dungeon.  The one below has a loft also.

They have a lot on 118 close to the Grub Shack with most of the buildings they sell on it so they can be looked at before you by. They are not finished inside, but they can have that done for you. Even being uninsulated and with windows they would be a hell of a lot cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than a shipping container and rent would go toward purchase unlike the containers. You could also live in one and finish it up yourself over time. (provided you have the full use of all limbs)

If any of you are interested let me know and I'll get Ron's number for you.

You can also visit the manufactures site to get specs and so on.
Derksen Buildings

Also on a different topic you might want to watch this short video from CNN. I guess they are finally getting tired of the BS to!


  1. Sorry to hear that your arm is still giving you trouble. Hope the VA sorts out the technical details quickly...

    Love the cabin with the loft :)

  2. Dani, I won't be holding my breath waiting on the VA to do anything.

  3. I've toyed with getting one of those cabins for my place before, just haven't looked into it enough, but looks like a perfect fit.
    I know your glad the cast is off, but it was my experience, that my arm didn't work right either for about 2 or 3 months.
    Hang in there, hope it's better soon.
    The VA has never impressed me either.

  4. Sorry to hear about your arm, can't help with the gimpiness of it, but I might be able to help with the pain and some of the inflammation, have you heard of or used DMSO? You can get it at feed stores, they use it on livestock, I have started using it and it works great, hubby who is normally very skeptical about alternative health is absolutely blown away by it and asks me to use it on his aches and pains nearly every day. Go to my blog (Wretha Adventures Living Off Grid) and look it up, I have written about it and have links where you can buy it if you can't get it locally. The stuff really works.


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  6. Now I know why your blog is "Terlinga or Bust". The Bust had less to do with women and more to do with your arm...

    You will have some noticeable degree of muscle weakness after that many weeks of inactivity. Hope you get it looked at sooner than later.

    You may end up with something like this which was the result of my attempt at defying gravity....

  7. Nice looking buildings. Hope your arm gets better soon. Good luck.

  8. Tffnguy

    captaincrunch again.

    Sorry your wrist is messed up. What you need is to drink beer with that hand (I call it 'twelve once therapy)

    I like those cabins. Maybe if I was ever to start my "Bordello Project' that I mentioned in the past, I can use several cabins.

  9. I am afraid to ask but when you say the cast came off, did you take it off yourself or did you go to the doctor to have it taken off?

  10. I am so glad that those cabins are available in the Terlingua area now, it is a great alternative.

    I had looked at some of them in Uvalde, Texas but the deal buster was the transportation cost to get it there.

    With free transportation, rent to own and locally available it is a win win deal.

  11. after an arm has been immobile in a cast for 6 wks or so the muscles are more or less gone and tendons have lost elasticity, etc. Hard a** work to build up muscles and stretch out again. Not a kid anymore. Use your arm more and more as much as you can even if it hurts (it will hurt). If there is anyway in the world to get to a physical therapist that is really what you need.

    Arm will come back to life but will take some time and work. Sending good vibes.

  12. SUERTE, it beats the hell out of paying for a container (which you will never own) and should be a lot more livable than one to. The guy that sells/rents them is also in the solar business so a person could probably get fixed up on that pretty easy to. Keep in mind I'm not making anything by posting about them, but would like to see anyone trying to live down here to bypass the damn dungeon living. Believe me it is TOUGH!

    Wretha, I'll see if I can find some at the feed store when I go to Alpine next time.

    rj, if the bust had to do with women I wouldn't have a problem with that, but unfortunately it doesn't. Of course they are good at busting your bank account though. ;)

    DD, would sure beat a dungeon!

    CC, I've found that drinking whiskey with my left hand does more good than beer. Of course the next day my head aches more than my arm doing that.

    MsB, I took the cast off myself. I just set the blade on the shill saw low enough and sawed it off.

    MsB, just teasing! It was a composite cast that was held on by a couple of ACE type stretch bandages. That was good because when they put it on they made it so tight that my hand was turning blue from lack of blood flow I guess? I was able to loosen it up some myself. Once the bandages were taken of I was able to pry it open enough to get my arm out.

    Yes the free shipping of the cabins should make it easier for people to get in them. You have to put down a deposit, but then you have to pay up something like 3 months to rent a container to.

    Dennis, I'm using the arm and wrist as much as I can despite the pain. I'm hoping it will come around, but I guess time will tell. I really need to get back to working on the cabin.

  13. You almost had me going there Tffn...but seriously I had a gut feeling you had done it yourself.

    Hope you can get your VA benefits straighten out soon so they can look at that arm.

  14. MsB, I'm guilty. I took it off myself. I hope so to on the VA.

  15. It will take a few weeks for your wrist to get back to normal maybe a month or so. We heal a bit slower as we age.

    Those buildings are cool. I saw them on the way back to town the other day. Wouldn't mind one for myself for storage.

  16. Denese, I guess I have time to wait for it to get well, but sure need to get back to working on the cabin. A bird thinks its her private bird house and keeps building a nest in there.

    Already had a couple of blog followers express interest in the cabins.

  17. I bumped my elbow the other day,,,, <--- waits for the ladies to give me sympathy and be concerned for me.

    But Im tough and can handle it

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  19. So what kind of deal is that cabin on 5 acres? Good, average, poor?

  20. rj, that ad is gone. I consider it spam and the next one will be marked as so.

    I couldn't say whether its a good deal or not.

  21. Hi, I spent all day yesterday reading your blog from Day to current. You offer a lots of useful information you've acquired along the road on this journey. I wanted to thank you as my husband and I may end up out there eventually. We would be "close" neighbors, relatively speaking. we just closed on and own 20 acres between Black hill and 9 points- in fact we butt up against 9 points. We plan to be out there fairly frequently and IF someone comes along and offers us enough for where we currently live, we'll be out there permanently. Next time we are out, maybe we can stop by and introduce ourselves.
    Keep up the good work, Sir. I will be following with interest.

  22. Kaj, I guess it would take a day to read the whole blog by now. (Probably about like reading a small book.

    By all means.The next time you'll are out stop by. Seems to be a lot of people buying land in this area now.

  23. ["Seems to be a lot of people buying land in this area now."]

    well, that sucks.

  24. Well Kaj, there's a lot of land down here, but if it turns in to housing developments, the land gets subdivide in to 5 acre tracts or less with a house or cabin on each tract then it will be a real bummer. Of course the smaller the land parcels the tighter the code restrictions are. Its changing like it or not. Water is scarce and if septics are required on all parcels then where will we be? Anyone have any moon or mars property for sale cheap?

  25. I heard there was a bad storm , any damage around snake road area??

  26. Joseph, I'm probably 10 miles or so from Snake Road so I can't say. Here it was really nasty winds and blowing sand, but it blew out fairly quickly. No damage around here that I can see and no rain or hail.

  27. Makland had a 5 acre tract with a cabin like that on E bay, buy it now was like $9,000.00, they got zero bids. Around here you can rent to own cabins like that for like $5,000.00 for a real nice sized one. So either Makland had a really expensive cabin or a way overpriced 5 acres.

  28. This is to all our Veterans
    from my heart

    --- In, "Joe" wrote:
    > I was Hatch :) born in 1946 .living in Chicago and in the early 50s we had TV
    and watching Kate Smith singing God bless America brought tears to my eyes. It
    was a time of wholesomeness Americanism and patriotism. It was about family and
    friends that care about each other and about the country this wonderful country
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    days. God bless America

  29. Summer started earlier this year. June being the hottest in Terlingua The Monsoon season will be starting two week earlier with popcorn showers , I love that time of year .

  30. Not me Joseph. The heat SUCKS! Was 109 yesterday and according to JW 112 day before yesterday. Fortunately I didn't get home until yesterday.

  31. We're planning on buying one of these from Ron for our family of 4. We're looking at the big side lofted barn cabin. I heard tonight that his demo units out on 118 blew over into each other though! Guess I better figure out how the heck to secure the thing before we get there.

    Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

  32. Ron says they will set them on what ever you have setup for a foundation. (Provided they aren't too high) You might consider pouring some concrete beams with anchors in them to bolt the buildings to? I hadn't heard about that. Those are unfinished buildings though and by the time the insulation, dry wall and other stuff is added the bigger ones would probably be too heavy to be moved by the wind.

    1. You are so right . a lot of folks don't think about wind but when it does it can do a real number on any construction . Look like you all got a little rain which we can use . hope your doing well and enjoying the heat . with my R.AS. I love that dry air . :)

  33. Joseph, it hasn't been that dry lately. With the rain and storms the humidity has been much higher than usual and has really been hot and muggy. The humidity is at 35% right now and I've seen it as high as 70 lately to. Really makes for lousy afternoons.

  34. Any more little pop up rains on the ranch ?? wow it was 118F in Kansas . those folks are not use to it. we had for a few days in S.A. 106 felt nice first real dry air we had in a long time . It great for my R.A. that what I love about Terlingua area . hope you all are doing great . Peace


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