Friday, October 12, 2012

More Rain

Not a lot to report around here besides .3 inches of rain last night and no telling what its done tonight. Its too windy to go check the gage! Matter of fact its so windy that I can hear and feel the under skirting on this trailer vibrating. At first I thought it was the metal on top of the cabin and I was real worried about that, but then remembered the under skirting doing this once before during the day where I could see what was happening. Actually its really annoying and unsettling though! There's been a lot of lightning both last night and tonight. It seemed to dance all around here last night and I'm not sure the tank didn't get hit again. At one point it sounded like a cannon going off outside the window.

I did buy two rolls of insulation for the cabin on the last Alpine trip and have one roll up. I need to get the wiring in it before adding the other roll and then I'll need three more roles to finish insulating. I'll probably buy the other three next trip. I also got enough roof coating to stop the two leaks in the roof, but want someone to be around here when I get up there to do it. I'd hate to be stranded up there because a gust of wind blew the ladder over or worse yet fall off the ladder.

Had another very cold shower today. I hate it when that happens. Also just picked up the phone and its dead. I suppose storm related, but the Internet still works through the same line. Go figure...

Of course the camera is still broke so no pictures. For that reason I probably won't be doing much blogging until I get another one and right now getting the cabin habitable wins out over a new camera.


  1. Yup - agree - get your (home) base sorted, so that you're hopefully more comfortable through the winter ahead...

  2. good thinking about safety while working alone. You oughta hire one of those Mexican midget wrasslers to climb up and do that roof coating for you.

    Glad to see the rain.


  3. That's the plan Dani. Even if I temporarily partition off part of it to live in.

    Oh NO! Not you to Bfoot. One blog follower with a midget Mexican wrestler fetish is enough. ;)

    Just got a little over .1 inch out of last nights rain. 50% chance of more today, 20% tonight and 70% Thursday.

  4. Had the same with my phone and internet,, the repairman told me the internet works off 1 of the 2 lines, takes both for the phone.

  5. TnT, I figure its somewhere beside here because I've checked everything here and it all looks good. Guess I'll go to the legion after it opens and see if that phone is working. If so then I'll call the phone company. Of course with it being on the weekend I probably won't have phone service until Monday?

  6. I peed more than .3 inches this morning.

  7. How many Budweisers did you have to drink to do that? ;)

  8. No camera is no excuse for not blogging sweetie. I haven't had a camera since I started blogging but of course would love to have one also. Times can only get better. I hope.

  9. Rubye Jack, Sure it is especially since I'm getting a little tired of blogging to start with.

  10. Glad you got some rain!

    Not you are the third blogger I read today that is getting tired of blogging :(

    How am I going to find out what is going on out in my favorite desert and actually get a reply?

    You are an established blogger, you do not need a camera to blog like Rubye Jack said.

  11. MsB, I didn't say I was going to stop blogging. Just won't be as often probably.

  12. Tffnguy,


    I was reading above that you may need a "midget wresler" to do so odd jobs at your ranch. I'll tell you what' Tffnguy.

    You get me a six pack of Shiner Bach and I will drop off one of my better, hard working midgets.

    Throw that guy a beer and a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich for lunch and he will have all that cabin fully insulated and wired in that day.

    I beat Obamacare and the IRS by employing midgets becouse I only pay half taxes due to there short stature.)

    I also get tax breaks for hiring disabled becouse midgets are "verticly challenged"


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