Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shelby Racing Goup meet.

Me  sitting in a Shelby Cobra Super Snake.

Dave Secor in the same car. He took all the pictures since my camera is broken.

Unfortunately a fuzzy picture of me standing by a Ford GT. Only in Terlingua would you see an $800 dollar Jeep sitting next to a $150,000 Ford GT.
This AC Cobra was said to have a 427 CU IN Big Block Engine. Very unusual!
Some of the Cobra Mustangs. I forgot to count them, but would figure 30 or so?
The Terlingua EMS was on hand in case there was an accident on the high speed run.
Guess who?
The above Camero SS belongs to Ring and surprising enough it didn't get keyed or burned by the Cobra owners. ;)
Last year Howard showed up in his old pickup loaded with chickens. This year he was on his horse.

That's all Folks...


  1. Nice gathering this year.
    Sit'n in a Cobra is a little bit of heaven. Damn, wisht I could have been there.
    Hope you didn't partake of the "nector of the gods" (booze) sit'n there on the table. If'n ya did, *palm forehead* "HEAL".
    Glad you had a great time.

  2. Thanks for posting all those pictures. I am still drooling. . .

  3. Tffnguy,


    Lets see, chili cookoff, Mustang meet, Marfa LightAlien rock concerts with the "Dudes of the Dead"

    Seems to me there should be a "Mexican Midget Wrestling Convention" in Terlingua!

    You think the Chili Cookoff is madness, just wait. Think of hundreds of drunk midgets running around Terlingua fighting each other (wait, that does sound like the Chili Cookoff)

  4. BB, Yep I did have a couple of drinks, but not enough to have a hangover. That's something I'll do on special occasions. I'm back on the wagon now.

    DD, maybe you and BB can make it down here some time for the event.

    CC, that's one event I hope to never see! The DPS and sheriff's department would have to hire some midget troopers and deputies to handle it. Maybe the black and whites would be mini coopers.

    1. Tffnguy,

      that was pretty good. Mini coopers..I busted up laughing.

      We can call the DPS midgets, Midget Troopers in their Mini Coopers.

      I want to see a (Midget Trooper) run around with a full size steel frame 1911 .45 or better yet, lug around an AR 15 with body armor on.

      That would make the "Keystone Cops" look like Navy Seals...

  5. Thanks to you and Mr Secor for all the great pictures! That's awesome, I guess I need to get down there some year for this event.

    Looks like a really fun time.

  6. Qkid, the cobras run slalom at the Lajitas airport and do a lot of other stuff while they are here so if a person wanted to follow them around you could probably see a lot more of them.

  7. The cobras were awesome. A few stopped by on their way to Lajitas. Didn't have my camera, though. Next year.

    Thanks for stopping by, David. It was good seeing you and Ring.

  8. Very nice pics. Thanks to David Secor as well for sharing them.

    Is Ring your brother-in-law?

  9. Yes MsB, Ring is my brother in law. More like a brother though.


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