Monday, October 29, 2012

Mostly Old Pix

I haven't gotten a thing done to the cabin lately, but plan to head for Alpine next week to get the rest of the insulation I need to finish insulating it and a few other things. Will also get some parts for the Jeep to try and get it squared away. Hopefully before the real cold weather hits I can be sleeping in the cabin where I can stay warm without using so much propane doing it. The VA has me setup for an appointment to go to Odessa on the 15th which is my birthday and that ain't happening. Since they aren't paying my travel expenses the cost for going up there would prevent me from getting the cabin insulated and jeep fixed. Besides all that I refuse to set in the damn waiting room all day on my birthday!

I was going through an old picture folder on my site a couple of days ago and found some old pictures I'd forgotten about so for lack of anything else to post here goes.
This is  a picture of the trike I built before I went nuts and turned it in to a trike. Wish I'd have left it this way, but it would be hard to put it back like that.
I later modified this again with a peanut tank, added lights, and a different seat and painted the tank red.

Above another mini chopper I built.

Right side of the chopper showing the pipes as they were then.

No doubt most women would be extremely pissed to see this in the house, but the eX was gone when I was doing this. HAY! The weather was bad outside and the garage wasn't heated!

One of the two trophies I won with the bike/trike. Won one as the bike and another one as a trike. First place in both shows.

Some of the granddaughters back in Plano when I was there also. I setup the board where marbles could be rolled down it and the girls took turns letting marbles go at the same time to see which one would win. Sort of a drag race with marbles. Only 2 marbles were used at a time and there was a rotating competition. Don't remember which one won here, but they did this many times. Lots of fun when the weather is bad.

Four of the granddaughters posing with my old Honda Shadow.

Same bike after I sold it and the new owner chopped it. Wish I'd have done the same when I had it.

The top left cart was the first project I built in Plano and it was a high speed build. Only took about 3 hours for me to build it. It had about 4 times the horsepower it needed so it was scary fast. Probably pretty dangerous to, but I never ran it hard with the grandkids on it. From that cart there were many many more projects. (Both carts and choppers)

The upper right picture was taken at the Carl's Corner swap automotive swap meet. I'd built that cart for that reason. To hook up  the trailer and pull some of the family around the swap meets. The trinket vendors loved it because they knew when they saw us coming there was going to be some money spent.

S.O.T.P. Or Song of the Post.


  1. You've got a lot of talent! Those are some impressive machines. I have a Honda Shadow 1100 and the only thing I've done to it in the last 4 years is put gas in it and changed the oil. I don't have the ability to do that kind of work...awesome.

    Maybe you should start a chop/repair shop out there?

  2. Great work on those bikes and carts. You have a great bunch of granddaughters there, which should make you proud. I have five myself and they are the best.

  3. Qkid, I don't have anymore talent than the next person. If you want to build something bad enough you'll figure out a way to do it. (With in reason) I shy away from space ships and the like.

    DD, I had in mind to make a career of building stuff like that, but that was before all the Chinese junk flooded the market. After that you couldn't give American made stuff away.

    MSgt Jim, unless the girls choose to come visit me then I won't be seeing them again. I made up my mind that once I left the DFW area I'd never go back. I haven't changed my mind yet.

  4. That be the way most Harley owners are DD, but then they miss out on some fine machines. (Not talking about mine)

  5. Don't know about the bikes dude, but you sure do have some beautiful granddaughters. And that's what matters most. As you know already.

  6. Thanks Rubye Jack, I told one of them when she was 3 years old "You sure are a pretty girl." and she said "I know it." At 17 she still knows it. ;)

  7. I can see the sign along 118..."Brewster County Choppers & Go-Karts".

    Really amazing work there.

    And Alison Krauss has the voice of an angel....unique sounding voice.

    Yesterday was my Birfday....4 yrs to SS income (if it's still around then)

    Thanks for the great post. seeya in a few weeks.

    Big/Lil Foot

  8. Happy belated Birfday BF.

    Yeah I think Alison may be the top female singer. Or at least in my opinion.

    Think I'll pass on the chopper/cart shop, but you never know. At least I've always built my on frames unlike most of the chopper builders. I'd have to buy all the tools I sold before coming down here to build anymore though. :(


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