Friday, February 1, 2013


I was supposed to get this yesterday, but...
The UPS driver screwed up and tried to deliver it to someone else instead. There was no one home at that place which was a good thing I guess. Anyway it got taken back to Alpine and the tracking said I wasn't here. I was and saw the UPS guy whiz by on 118. Needless to say this really ticked me off!

Today I took the Jeep over to Lance's early for him to change the front end parts to make it safe again and also change out the valve cover gasket so I can quit investing in oil company stock by dumping tons of oil in it. The UPS guy showed up at the legion to check with Dave to find out for sure where I live and he came by here, but I was at Lance's and the package needed a signature for him to leave it.

Fast Forward... I got to the Legion about 3:00 and decided to try and flag down the driver on his way back to Alpine. Lance decided he would call his wife at the ranch headquarters and see if the UPS driver had been out there yet, and he did eventually show up there and she told him to stop at the Legion.

My old computer was on its last leg so I ordered this new/used one off of eBay.  Got a good price on it and it is mucho faster than the old one with a lot more resources so I'm now a happy camper.
The Jeep however needs more parts and I still don't want to drive it much until I can order them and get them changed out.

All in all it turned out to be a pretty good and productive day.


  1. Welcome back to productivity, David. It's good to hear that the situation is well in hand. May your new year continue to be favorable in that harsh environment.. RB

  2. A day late but at least you have your computer now.

    I was wondering if you had been able to fix the oil leak, glad to hear you have.

  3. You guys must have a new UPS driver, what happened to Manny? The driver.

  4. Old RB, turned out not to be so productive. After the work on the jeep the death wobble is still there, the valve cover still leaks and now there are a couple more issues to fix to.

    MsB, I'm enjoying the computer, but the leak is still there. So's the other problem. Got more parts to order. :(

    Bkid. It was Manny, but I guess he was on mental vacation that day?

  5. How many GBtes of memory that computer has ? Yu r getting good strong internet signal there i assume ? ATT or what provider can one get there ? that s amazing for such a remote area dude ....

  6. You can't have shade tree mechanics where there are no shade trees.

  7. Let me know if I can help you find parts from the jeep, that's what I do.

  8. Pablo, internet and phone are through Big Bend Telephone, but they get their service through AT&T I think. The internet is plenty fast and I don't even have the fastest package.

    Bkid, I would have never thought of that. I guess you're right.

    SUERTE, seems to have about everything needed and their prises are very good.


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