Sunday, February 17, 2013

Convienance store? / More artefacts

Word has it that the old Big Bend Ranch Supply has sold and someone is going to open it back up as a convenience store? I'm not holding my breath, but it would be nice if it happens. Its located across the Ranch Road from where the failed Grub Shack used to be. First picture is of the old store and the second one is what's left of the Grub Shack.
This morning was pretty nice so I went out exploring this land again. I found several more pieces of napped flint and possibly some pottery shards? The pieces seem to have been painted with some type orange pigment. They can be seen in the red square along with the flint found the other day and this morning. There were quiet a few pieces with the orange band. Shown are only three pieces.
I also took the rake and did some exploring of the plants in the last blog. The dirt they are in reminds me of the gumbo found back in Plano, but I suppose that is because of plant deterioration and re-growth  over many years? It sure doesn't look like the adobe dust found around here.
Yes these plants are probably Lechuguilla and if anyone else like leilani wants to say anything about them or any other BS like she posted in the last thread then read my last post in that thread. Perhaps she could also fill in her blogger profile instead of hiding behind her computer screen and giving other bloggers BS!

The three pictures above are feeble attempts at showing the way this land terraces down to the valley below. Its hard for a camera to show stuff like that. A normally dry creek can be seen in the three pictures below and the foliage along it is green all year round. Water could have easily been gotten from it during the rainy season as well as the dry creek where the dam is on the back of this property now.

Small button cactus (I think) found in the rubble of rock.

The two pictures above are views from where I found the stuff this morning.


  1. I am sure glad I got one of their hamburgers when the Grub Shack was still there and open. Back a few years ago when I was there, they seemed quite busy. What happened? Was it the County regulations, which started to get overly strict?

  2. "The dirt they are in reminds me of the gumbo found back in Plano, but I suppose that is because of plant deterioration and re-growth over many years?"

    Yup, adding "compost" to soil surely does improve it :)

  3. Were you there when the ranch supply was open? I think a six pack of Coke was about $12.00, maybe not but it was way overpriced.

  4. DD, from what I hear it was a combination of different things. Mainly health issues for the POs. Then the BS they were going to have to put up with the state. When the next people took over the PO wouldn't work with them so it closed for good. To bad because they had great food and it was more or less a public get together place.

    Dani, I might have to plant some food back there and see what happens. ;)

    Bkid, I wasn't here before the store closed, but had heard about the ridiculous prices. I also hear that was what closed it. If this comes about then maybe the new owners will see the light and have decent prices??? If not the same thing will probably happen again.

  5. David - hope you can open this about artifact business in your area

  6. Andy, this is my land, I'm not collecting them to sell and I don't plan on smuggling them anywhere. I also know the areas where I pick them up. I guess that's no different than everything else though. The government thinks they own EVERYTHING!

  7. how do yu get water in yur prop ? (shower)? Does anyone there have water ? how ? What animals if any live with yu ? Where do they get their water ? THANKS

  8. Haul it from the Cottonwood store in Study Butte, (25 miles one way.) You're asking too many questions that I won't answer Pablo.

  9. Man you've got some cool stuff there! Looks like you must have one heck of a flaking site on your property.

    Am I the only one who missed the negative post from that other user? I reread it several times and didn't find anything wrong with it. I'm probably crazy though....

    I hear you on the government thinking they own everything. In Colorado we couldn't even collect the water from our own roofs. It's getting WAY out of control. I suggest people just start ignoring the BS... and do what they want with their land. It's only a matter of time before they start taking it from us anyway....

  10. Nice find! Your new camera captures the colors brilliantly.

    I love the blue of the Terlingua sky.

    It is a shame the Grub Shack had to close down.

  11. Chris, haven't found the flaking site yet, but hope to. Perhaps I misunderstood what leilani was saying and in that case I'd owe her an apology. I don't know if that was the case though.

    MsB, the camera has some help. Yes we all miss the grub shack a lot.

  12. BTW Lechuguilla is not a native plant in the US. It was brought here by the Spaniards from Spain. Was probably spread by the Indians?

  13. That's interesting!! Not doubting it at all. I figured it was native because it's all over. The rabbit hole runs deep...... can't wait to dive into this stuff with our girls.


  14. Your property looks beautiful. I keep looking at lots for sale down there on LandsofTexas, but it's going to have to wait a bit. A couple of years, maybe. Look forward to reading back through your blog!

  15. Welcome to this blog Laura Wilson-Anderson. If you start from the first you probably have a lot of reading to do.


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