Friday, April 19, 2013

Cabin Progress

I've been helping Dennis stucco his cabin and in return He and Judy came over and helped me secure the front roof on my cabin and to get the gutter up on the back so I can move forward with the rain catchment.
Ring came for a visit and yesterday morning we went in search of artifacts. It was mostly cloudy though so the lighting didn't lend its self too good for finding flint objects. We only found one piece of napped flint each, but I did find a couple more bullets. Actually one was another saddle gun cartridge, but the other was an unspent bullet from a Colt 45 revolver. They were very close together so I'd assume the same person was shooting both guns in a relatively short time. Either that or there was some sort of mini battle going on.

Ring also brought a pickup load of deck lumber that had been used on my deceased brother in law's ramp (Clinton Noble) so I hope to use that lumber to start on the screened in porch for the front of the cabin. At least it should get the floor started now that the corner posts are up and cemented in the ground.

He never was able to make it down here so I figure it will make sort of a memorial to him.


  1. Glad you've got your roof secured - it'll give you some good shade this summer. And the deck lumber - brilliant. As you say - a nice memorial :)

    1. And, of course, am very happy for you re: the rainwater catchment :). Well done!

  2. I admire following yu say man -refereng to Mr Noble (+)-: He never was able to make it down here so I figure it will make sort of a memorial to him.
    agree dude, when visit yu this summer i will let yu know about my mother memorial (arround there) which i visit every year .


  3. One green-funeral enthusiast, George Russell, has founded a religion called "Ethician" centered on the practice, and says he's buried nine bodies in his Texas cemetery since 2003, including his mother wrapped in a blanket.
    He's now raising money to build a "tower of silence" -- an elevated platform where bodies would be left to decompose in the open with vultures hastening the process, as is done in the Zoroastrian faith. Mr. Russell recently invited a Zoroastrian priest from Mumbai to survey the Texas site. He says the priest found the local vulture population suitable for the task.

  4. Love you uncle David . Daddy loved reading all you were doing and he would be so proud to be a part of your life adventure!

  5. Dani, it sure is nice not to hear the ratchet straps singing when the wind blows. Actually it was more like the sound of strings on base fiddle being played and echoing loudly through the cabin.

    Pablo, I think there's one of the burial sites like you're talking about in Arizona or New Mexico. The buzzards are only part time here though because they migrate south in the winter and don't some back until the spring. I guess the crows would have to fill in in their absence? Not that I'd know about it, but I'd just as soon be burned than have those nasty birds working on my body.

    Madaleine, I was hoping your dad could make it down here, but since he didn't and won't be able to the deck is about the best I can do. That is unless some of his ashes made it down here. Love you to...

  6. Bartering is a great tool and a good way to help each other out.

    Incorporating the wood from your late uncle's ramp in your future porch is a great way of remembering him.

    I am sure he would be very happy that though he did not get to visit your place in person, he is there in spirit.

  7. I tend to agree with you on both counts MsB.

  8. Looks like you're doing a fine job of holding the scaffold.

  9. Bkid, I did dig the holes for the square tubing using a hammer drill, pick, post hole diggers and so on. Took two days to do that. This operation required a supervisor though so I decided to be that.

  10. nice job on your cabin.. change of subject here, I was wondering if anyone in Terlingua has a small travel trailer they are wanting to sell? nothing fancy just a place to sleep in.. any help would be appreciated

  11. At least you can dig on yours, I never even got the anchors in the rocks at my place.

  12. Christina, I'll see what I can find. Good possibility... keep in touch.

    Bkid, Lots of work. A little dynamite would probably help some. The rocks around here are a pain in the gas.

  13. Good start. When the roof’s up, everything else just kind of flows together, and before you know it, the cabin exterior will be finished and you can move on to furnishing and getting to work inside the house. Are the bullet casings a source of concern, or is it just something you often see in the area?

    Lino @ Arrys Roofing


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