Sunday, April 28, 2013

Legion Jam 6 (I think) / Pickle FAILURE!

Today is the day of the Legiondary Jam and I think its the 6th? This month it just happened that the every second Sunday skeet shooting contest came up to so there will also be skeet shooting before the party. Dennis wanted to setup the tomahawk throwing target so there will also be tomahawk throwing going on today to before the party. Should be a lot of fun all the way around, but there's a 30% chance of rain and the patio roof at the legion leaks pretty bad so IF it rains we'll all be crammed inside again. I now have the catchment set up to the tank so a good rain would sure help the water situation here, but I hope it doesn't because of the party and other things going on at the legion.

As far as the Pickle FAILURE! Well the pickled Yucca fruit experiment turned out to be a disaster.

I'm glad I only made a small batch of the stuff because it is really nasty tasting. That and some of the slices the seeds are like wood. The rest just taste so bad that they are not edible. I added some onion and jalapenos to the mix to help with flavor and the disgusting taste of the Yucca pods infiltrated the onion and probably jalapenos to so eating that is out also. I did try the onion and had to spit it out because it tasted so bad. Evidently frying the slices changes the taste because the last time I did that it turned out pretty good.

Oh Well... Live and learn. Looks like I'll be looking for other stuff to pickle.


  1. So they can be eaten but need be fried ? Conclusion that ? (as I intend to eat them man when there in summer), please advice the correct inteligence of : "Evidently frying the slices changes the taste because the last time I did that it turned out pretty good"

  2. Nothing ventured...nothing gained. You gave it your best try and you learned something in the process.

    Hope the Jam is a success :)

  3. You've been there long enough to know not to hope for it not to rain. You can have a party down there anytime but you know that it might not rain for another year.

  4. I had such a great time getting to know the neighbors coming through during my stop at the American Legion.

    Chris at Cowhead Ranch rolled out the red carpet and also took me to my lot and it is beautiful! Need a deck and shade builder.

    You were all so helpful and great fun sharing stories with and getting acquainted with.

    Only complaint I have is we didnt get to stay longer.
    Tell everybody a big hello from Diane and Elsa and to be
    sure and keep shining those beautiful desert skies until we return.

  5. And I have been enjoying my tea I picked while visiting the ranch.

  6. Pablo, I suppose they could be fried first and then pickled???? From now on I'll probably not eat them unless it comes down to a survival situation. OR make wine out of the pods. One guy does that down here and it makes some pretty potent wine.

    DD, Problem is looking good doesn't fill up and empty stomach. ;) I'll try some other stuff. The strawberry cactus and prickly pear are blooming and will have fruit on them before long. Beating the birds and rodents to the fruit isn't easy though.

    MsB, the Jam was a success as usual. There weren't quiet as many musicians, but a lot more spectators were there.

    Bkid, it didn't rain, but we had another one of those bad ass wind storms and looked like it was going to rain. I came home to shut the windows in the trailer and when I opened the door the wind caught it and while I was trying to hold on to that the screen flew open and smashed my left hand. Got cut up from that pretty bad.

    Diane, glad you were able to find your land. Was nice to meet you and Elsa even though she wasn't real friendly. ;) She is one BIG dog! When you come back stop and see us.


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