Thursday, April 25, 2013

No News mainly pictures

While walking the property looking for photo ops and artifacts I passed the above Dove nest on the ground. I didn't notice it until the dove sitting on it took off and it startled me. Who would have thunk Dove would actually build a nest on the ground, but I guess since there are no trees to speak of they have to build them somewhere. Sure seems like a good way  to get eaten by a snake.

When dove nest are threatened the dove flies a short distance from the nest and then starts flapping one wing and acting like its disabled. When the predator gets close to them they then fly further away and start the same thing over which eventually gets the predator far enough away from the nest so as not to be a threat to the nest. This is to distract the predator and get it to try and get the bird rather than the eggs or chicks. I've witnessed that numerous times back in Plano and the same holds true down here. Not sure what good that would do if the threat was from a snake? Maybe they handle that situation a little different???
Finally found some Yucca fruit to try my pickled Yucca fruit experiment with. These were on the lower south portion of my land. I'd already removed a bunch of the fruit before I took this picture.
Another Yucca shown here in the blooming stage. Note the white flowers.
Picked fruit waiting to be pealed and pickled. Note one has been pealed to show how to prep them for frying.
Sliced and ready to be coated with cornmeal and fried like okra. I've done this in past years, and they were fair, but a tad bitter. The reason I decided to try pickling them is to see if the sour of the vinegar would offset the mildly bitter taste. I guess I'll know in a week or two after they are pickled. I'll probably add a few JalapeƱo slices to the vinegar to give them a little heat.


  1. David, Are you sure that is a dove nest? Your explination of the way the bird acts soulnds more like a kildeer. They do build nests on the ground. The doves we have here build nests in the trees but you could be right, there are few if any trees for birds to build in there.

  2. Anon, yes I saw it as it flew away and watched it do its wounded bird thing maybe 30 feet away. It was a dove. The dove in Plano always built nest in trees or at least off the ground. I guess here they don't have much choice.

  3. Hey David, I thought I was going to get to see you this trip, but we decided to go out to the Davis Mountains instead of heading on down south to your area. Sure did enjoy the Davis Mountains State Park and all the wildlife.

  4. Beautiful pictures Dave!

    Had no idea doves would build nests on the ground but like you mention they don't really have much choice there.

  5. Didn't realize that one could eat the fruit of the yucca plant - fascinating :)

    Once saw a dove's nest in Johannesburg CBD - it was made out of bits of wire / rusty nails, as there were no trees nearby. Looks so sad - a nest of nails...



  7. DD, maybe next year? The Davis Mountains are pretty cool. Years ago I did some work on the office building at the old fort. I think they have enactments there pretty often, but I've never been to one.

    MsB, I guess the dove could just stay in areas with trees, but I guess they just like it down here?

    Dani, there's a lot of stuff in the desert that could be eaten in a survival situation, but most people wouldn't want to eat some of it other wise. I'm hoping the yucca fruit pickles will turn out like I hope they will. I got a couple of 1 gallon jugs from the legion yesterday that had had pickled eggs in them. Both have vinegar in them so I won't have to buy any more of that.

    Interesting reading.

  8. If yu plant a tree there and water it regularly as needed , would it grow develop produce ? please let me know. Its the soil, the wind, the lack of water ? Why no trees there ?

  9. second question : within a person property and acreage -to survive- what kind of animals can the owner hunt "legaly" ? (i do not believe in the hunting authorities, that s why y write it with a ", sorry)

  10. I was looking at some property somewhere south of Big Bend Valley but still north of the ranch road and I saw Oranges growing in the desert, seriously there were real Oranges growing on trees.

  11. Pablo, the only way I'd have any trees planted would be if I had a water well. Considering they would have to be around 1500 feet deep and cost a large fortune to have one drilled that will never happen here. There are some trees around, but they are normally around the creeks that have a lot of water going through them after rains. Then there are a few people who have water wells or windmills that have trees around them.

    As far as animals you can legally kill? Deer if you have a license and in season. Audad any time IF you have a hunting license. I also hear you can shoot feral pigs and Javalena anytime IF you have a hunting license. I suppose you can rabbit hunt without a license, but the way the government is now days I wouldn't bet on that since it thinks everything belongs to it.

    Bkid, Judy took a bunch of oranges, and grapefruit to the legion that I think was grown somewhere around here. They aren't real big and don't look too good, but they taste great.


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