Friday, July 5, 2013

3rd Time for Charm?

Looks like I may be getting another dog and I'm hoping it will be charm. She's probably about 3 years old, part Lab and more or less solid black.
She showed up at my families house about a year ago and jumped the fence to play with the other two dogs. She's been there every since, but has started digging out and has the other two dogs following her out. Constant attempts to stop that failed, so they want her gone so I offered to take her. She is a little skittish around strangers and was probably abused in her earlier life. She did warm up to me pretty quick though. She seems to be a home body and wants to be in the house, but the  dogs are outside dogs and are not allowed in the house.  They do have air conditioned and heated quarters outside though. She doesn't stray far from the house which I hope will be the same case down here.

Best part is that she doesn't chew up electrical cords and everything else she can get her jaws around (like Pepper did) and doesn't take off like a bullet (like Booger did. )

I figure she might go good down here since she will be allowed in the cabin and there are no fences to dig under or jump. For now she goes as Black Dog, but I figure she needs a proper name so I'll call her Shelah (An Australian word meaning Girl or woman.)


  1. Oh, those precious eyes - a lifetime is visible in them. Lots of touches and strokes, as well as tummy rubs should sort her out soon - Mandy, MKids dog, was also a rescue, and has settled down well with us after only positive attention.

    Welcome Shelah - David needs you as much as you need David (and his space) :)

    Wish I could send you a l-a-r-g-e "Welcome to Tffnguys ranch" bone...

  2. Dani, I think she will be a good dog for me, but she sure may not like the heat at first. I'll get her some sort of toy to play with and a few treats to. I picked up two more batteries in Odessa while I was there so now have the fridge running again. I should be able to run the AC during the day when I get it installed and other panels hooked up, but I'm not supposed to be out in the direct sun light because I'm still on antibiotics and will be for another week. Guess I'll take it easy until I get off of those.

  3. Welcome home Tffnguy!

    Shelah looks like she has the makings of a good companion for you and hopefully third time will be the charm.

    So glad you are doing better. Take care :)

  4. Good to be home MsB, but its 107 right now and got that yesterday to. I've got to get that AC installed pretty quick! Sure is tough after being in air conditioning for the last two weeks.

    We can always hope about Shelah. ;)

  5. Do yu have already Black Dog with yu dude ? If not when how will she come to yu ? . I have a Doberman 10 month female -pure breed- that was considering giving up to yu or someone there. Beautiful very sweet but same problem (digging) so I need to get her out also - needs a bigger no fence space- as I have several Asian young Pear trees and she wants dig into them. So do yu think someone with a Terlingua Prop might be interested there of her as a gift ? I ll be there in some weeks and can drive by the Legion and handle it to the interested party.
    By the way have yu gone there ? Does the Legion have permanent strong AC inside so visitors can enjoy ? Does one need be a veteran for that purpose ? Does Lunch/food sold there ? Etc
    Thanks and glad yur back home. Wishing yu the best !

  6. No I don't have a dog and don't want a Doberman. I guess if someone replies to this wanting your dog you'll can get together. The legion has AC, but they are seldom used because most people sit outside under the patio roof. You don't have to be a VET to go in there and they aren't serving food as of yet. That's yet to be seen.

  7. David - If Shelah stays, and the day is very hot, especially as she is a black dog, you may have to allow for some of your precious rainwater to go towards keeping her neck damp. It's the only way to prevent overheating in a dog. And, of course, a deep waterbowl in the shade :)

    Am happy you have a companion - and Shelah has one too :)

  8. Dani, Not sure when Ring is going to bring her down here, but I hope to have the AC installed and operational. If so we should both be comfortable in the cabin during the day. If not then I'll do as you say and even put some ice in the water occasionally.

    I plan to take her to the swimming hole some to if it turns out she likes to play in water. As much Lab as she has in her I'd suspect she will.


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