Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More This & That

While I was in the hospital one of my friends came over thinking I was at home and when I didn't answer the door he figured I'd gone somewhere with someone else and would be back soon. While he was waiting on me to get back he got out doing some searching and found the above arrowhead. First found here since I've been here.

The bunny in the two pictures above seems to think its my pet now. It mossies around here like I wasn't even outside and near it. I wonder if it will do that when Shelah gets here. ;) Its one darn big jackrabbit! Don't know what caused it, but cotton tailed rabbits are all over the place now. Mostly pretty young ones. They are everywhere and several are nesting in different places around here. That isn't only here though they are everywhere.

Above is a quality table and chairs brought to me by the Foots when we came back down here. My first thought was to coat it with Elastomeric (White roof coating) so it could withstand the outside elements, but now I'm thinking more in the direction of using it for a computer desk in here. Right now I'm using the coffee table I built out of solar panels and it keeps me bent over to use the computer. I can sit up straight using that table and have a lot more room to stack junk. ;) Bill also brought me a fire extinguisher, but I hope I never need it. Would sure be handy in case I did though.

I need to get the fridge Bigfoot brought me back when out of the sun and get it moved up under the porch roof in front of the cabin. I picked up three bags of concrete Monday when I caught a ride to Alpine and will be pouring a pad for the fridge soon. I should be able to start using it again soon and quit buying ice! I picked up two more batteries when I was in Odessa and that should help to. Of course if we keep getting the cloudy days that may not work out to well.


  1. Perfect arrow head and nice "pet" jack rabit. I think that desk would make a great computer desk for inside.

  2. DD, I think it was a drafting table because of the two holes in each end, but what ever it is I think it will work out a lot better than the solar panel table. I've got spools I can use for outdoor tables.

  3. Wonder why I did not see this post on my Blogger Dashboard last night?

    I do not know if it is just me but your blog list on the right keeps on shaking and has been doing it for some time now...odd!

    I think that table would make a great place for your computer.

    Hope you get the pad for your refrigerator poured soon so you can start making ice. Ice is way too expensive in Terlingua.

  4. BTW that is a nice arrowhead!

    I just love cotton tail rabbits, my two regular ones have disappeared. Have not notice an increase in this area but I have seen a little white tail bunny near Walter's corral...but he is afraid of me :(

  5. MsB, no problem with the blog list shaking here. Sounds like some kind of problem with your browser?

    I got the fridge pad poured late yesterday afternoon when there was plenty of shade in the front of the cabin. My neighbor stopped by and said he would come help me get the fridge moved over on it when I got ready. I figure tomorrow the pad will have had enough time to have set up. I can probably move it myself with the dolly though.

    Don't know why the explosion in the cotton tail population, but I guess it would be pretty easy to get food in a pinch. Can't say that I've ever eaten rabbit I have eaten squirrels before though. Of course since you say you love cotton tails you probably didn't want to hear the food part. ;)

    Just took the last antibiotic so maybe by tomorrow I can start getting out in the sun more and getting some real work done.


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