Monday, June 30, 2014

Scumm Bag & More

I went over to visit a couple of friends for a while and when I returned home I noticed that the upper spigot on the tank was dripping. I figured it just started leaking so went to tighten it and found it was full open. Someone had come by while I was gone and dumped about 250 gallons of water on the ground. Now stealing water down here is bad enough, but to waste it is a real crime. I'll be adding three more of the night vision cameras before long. I didn't call the sheriff's department. I'd rather catch the AH red handed the next time and use the Texas Castle law to deal with it.

And on another note...
Picked up a small microwave while in Odessa and it works well running off the inverter. Now its back to morning coffee (even if its instant) and hot meals on demand.


  1. Glad you made it back - sorry about the water theft/waste. Hope you catch the lousy son-of-a- beach.

  2. That guy deserves everything you can dish out. Hope you catch him in the act.

  3. what kind of asshole does that???? I just bought land down there and i would hope it is far enough away so no one screws with my stuff.


    this would work well instead of instant

    1. 2ligit, there are water thieves down here, but to just dump it would be like stealing a horse in the old days. I think they hanged them. Shooting is fine with me though.

      Instant coffee works for me.


  5. Downright mean people down there! You will catch them! Love you

  6. Sounds like vandalism more than water theft. You probably have someone unhappy with you...

  7. hang em high, i have the rope:)

  8. That is really down right low! I would have called the sheriff just the same so there would be a written report.

    As little as it rains in the desert and when it does for someone to just waste all that water for the hell of it? I think there are more civilized ways people can resolve their problems. I would not want to be them when you catch them!

  9. MsB, I doubt that they did it for the hell of it. I'm pretty sure I know who did it though.


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