Thursday, June 5, 2014

WWII Then and Now

Then and now.

Makes me wonder if all the lives that were lost to buy it were worth it. Most of the people on the beaches now probably couldn't care less.


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    1. Any war I guess. They all mean nothing to future generations.

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    1. DD, what brought this on was after I visited the link I posted in a thread on my falcon site about Memorial day. It had been started on that day and when I checked to see how many views that thread had there were only 48 views. I've got damn near 9000 members on that site and only 48 had bothered to even read it. No wonder this country is going to pot.

  3. Way too much apathy abounds in way too many people.

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  5. If Americans were today losing everything - like many Syrians are losing due to that terrible civil war over there - I suspect our attitude would change quite a bit.

    If we keep running the enormous deficits in our national debt and our trade balances - then we will certainly also have a future of some very hard times in America. Our current President, House of Representatives, and Senate do nothing to stop this serious devaluation of our currency. They just keep on spending more money - than they tax Americans - but that cannot continue forever. Our children will be saddled with this enormous national debt. And that is a shameful legacy to be remembered for. The World War 2 Generation has been said to be the Greatest Generation - and I guess we will be remembered as the Deficit Generation?
    Cheers Ronald Mahan

    1. Let's pray that the next war is not fought on our own shores. God Bless Texas.

  6. I am sure the soldiers, like my father, would be overjoyed that their children and grandchildren can vacation in peace and safety at the Normandy beach.


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