Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adding Clickable Links to Blogs

I've noticed a few people asking why links don't show up on Blogs and decided for those people to show how it can be done. Not that I'm saying it has to be done, but it helps to just be able to click on a link someone posts instead of having to cut and paste it in to the browser (which adds it to the browser's link bar as a history.) Anyway below is how to do it in an image or otherwise it would  just show up as links on here.

The above link would work like this Thorne's Castle on the Web


  1. Must be... And on another note I finished the laundry so hopefully it will be out to the road tomorrow to see what I can get done. I sure miss having a washer and dryer handy. More over having someone do it for me, but I've done it many times in my younger life so I guess I can get used to doing it myself again. Wouldn't take long at $12 bucks a pop to pay for a washer and dryer though.

  2. See ya did laundry same place I did. Boy howdy, what a rip!!! I can see pay'n $2 for a BIG washer, but them washers ain't big.

  3. Yeah... the average household washer will hold about twice as much and the driers are even worse. You can't tell me they don't have it figured out how to squeeze the $$$ out of people.

  4. I was checking out a site once about doing laundry in clear sealed plastic bags. It said you throw in a few articles with a tiny amount of soap and let it sit in the sun for a while until the water got hot then shake and bake. let sit for a while more then dump water out and add more water to rinse and repeat. then hang up to dry. I think it sounds like a lot of work for just a couple peices of clothing but it doesnt cost much and uses no electricity. I bet it would be made easier next to a stream.

    got a couple more videos on my blog that you might laugh at guy.

  5. During the cook off there were 4 people camping between 2 spaces, but they robbed the tables from several other spaces. They setup a fully functional outdoor cafe, but no one but them ate there. Anyway they had a washer that looked like a giant blender. It was 120 volt, but could only do one pare of pants or a shirt at a time. They were constantly using it and had clothes hanging from everywhere. It didn't spin and you had to dump the water out and fill it again to rinse. Seemed pretty lame to me, but they seemed to think it was pretty cool.

  6. Thanks a lot for the clickable link education. I will be refering back to it often.

    Yeah, clothes washing is going to be a bitch off the grid. I love my washer and drier. You can live with line dried clothes, but the washing takes a lot of energy, and water. Might be time to look around for an old style washboard, and a wash tub. Are you planning on having on-the-grid electricity run out to your place?


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