Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Power by Microwave

Pretty interesting reading even if you don't care about being on the grid, but the technology is there to be able to get power in places where it couldn't be done before and without having to put up a bunch of poles and wire to do it. I'd heard about them planning to put up massive solar arrays in space and beam the power back to earth so was doing some searching on that when I found the below link.
On Grid Via Microwave

As far as I can tell there wouldn't be any way to sell unused electricity back to the grid though. Needless to say unless you have an over abundance of solar, wind turbines and huge banks of batteries though this would be a good thing. It would only be backup when you need it without having a backup generator (which would also cost and pollute even if you were trying to be green as possible.) Actually with wireless technology I don't see any reason power, phone, internet and TV couldn't all be provided about anywhere including all of Terlingua Ranch! (Without the use of satellites) Will be interesting to see how long something like this takes to be a reality.


  1. wonder if they would have to make a no fly zone, because them folks in a plan would cook when it fly threw the micro stream.

    did u ever throw a MRE up near a microwave dish and have it come down cooked?

  2. Sort of makes you wonder doesn't it. It was C-Rations for us. Big difference, but had the same outcome. Keeping us fed. (If you could call it that)

  3. Ok David, here's the deal...get that container moved out to the 10 acres, go git yer stuff, check out the rv park and get to work. You know it's gonna be cold in no time flat. Don't get caught hang'n curtains in the freez'n cold.

  4. BBob, the tractor will be here tomorrow. Should help get things booted in the rear. You're right, but I sure don't to hear talk of COLD! I guess I've said I hate winter before.

  5. Microwave power sounds amazing.

    I agree with Billy Bob. The hardest part is just getting started. Once started, the flow will come, just keep moving.

    I can't wait to come back next year, and see your place.

    Good luck with it.

  6. I should be updating this with new pictures after we finish. We will be running a brush hog over the road and probably fill in one spot that could use it. Then turn our attentions to the land. I figure about an acre should do me for starters. No need to make it any dustier than it has to be. I'm wondering how that grass run through a chipper would do as far as using it for a composting toilet?

  7. OK where are the details of the leveling and the road work with the tractor and brush hog. Did you take plenty of before and after pictures, uh, uh, did you uh.

  8. Didnt he say his brother was coming over with the tractor? I cant remember. I bet he is being treated to a few nights out on the town, after a hard days tractor work. Or maybe they are sight seeing. <-staying tuned in for the results.


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