Monday, November 16, 2009

Pay Attention Dummy!

I hate it when I do things like this! Went to the hardware store here and was surprised that they had a shelf full of green slime. I didn't stop to think there were different kinds for different type tires so I just grabbed a couple of bottles. I know I really need 5, but have two spares so am trying to do this on the cheap.

Notice the labels. Both 16 ounce, but one shows a bike tire with tube and the other shows a tubeless auto tire. Not sure what the heck the differences is, but I guess I'll go back and get another one that has the automotive tire on it. Its $1.10 more than the other one. (another mystery) Anyway the one for the bike will likely do the trailer tire that hasn't been slimed yet. The other already has because it had been leaking down. Its small so maybe I'll go ahead and get two more and do the back tires and put some in the trailer tire and some in the car tires. Once the cold spell is over I might make it out to the road to start trying to round up the loose mesquite limbs with all the thorns on them and start chopping out the small trunks left in the road.

My brother in law came up with a good idea and that was to get some carpet and tow it along to pick up the thorns. Sounds like it might work. Anyone know where any old carpet is in this area?

All Slimed! Went back to the  hardware store and picked up two more bottles of the slime (for Car Tires). I slimed both of the fronts with the stuff for cars and then split between the car stuff and the bike stuff on both rears. I saved just enough out of them to do the last trailer tire so should now be good to go.

Now here's the deal on the balance and the difference between the bike stuff and the car stuff. The car stuff is thicker than the bike stuff and probably has more fiber in it. When I finished I took the car out on the road and the ballance was way off, but that was only for a short distance. Once the stuff had a chance to spread out and coat the insides of the tires the ballance seemed to go back to normal and no problem at all. If you use the stuff just expect to feel the tires being out of ballance at first and only for a short time. I haven't driven it again since then so I'm not sure if this will be the way it works each time you drive or not?


  1. Good info about the "slime"; before hearing about if on your blog I had never heard of it and I am a car guy...

    As for cleaning up all that mesquite it sure would be good for some grill'in ;)

  2. I have some dead and living mesquite on the land that would be good for grilling, but the stuff in the road is small twigs with big thorns. The slime is great stuff. Real hard to have a flat using it.

  3. Love the carpet idea. After you've dragged it to pick up the thorns, you could just burn it.

    Does the slime affect your tire balance?

  4. It can effect the balance some. I guess I'll find out to what extent or if noticeable once I try it out. I only have it in one trailer tire right now. I haven't heard anything but good about it and it has been out for many years.

  5. After hearing you mention it several times on your blog I went to Walmart to check out the Slime and saw that they had bottles for all different kinds of tires from bicycles to cars.

    Will be buying some shortly before I hit the road in a couple of days as insurance, one never knows when a flat will strike and I am sure AAA will be busier than usual with all the holiday travelers.

    I think your brother in law had a great idea of using carpet.

  6. MsBelinda, The stuff won't prevent blowouts and may cause some vibration from balance change, but I doubt it. It would be a good idea to read the label before you buy. Where it would shine is places like my road and probably a lot of roads in Terlingua though. (If you didn't want to carry a few spares.)

  7. How about taking a gas powered leaf blower out there and blow all of those stickers off the road. but I would also drag a big piece of carpet behind your car and then when you have done that 3-4 times you could burn it.

  8. I just don't know where you would find used carper around here. I think it would work good though. Its going to take a lot of grubbing to get all of the mesquite stubs out They still have thorns on them to. Fortunately they are just here and there so it shouldn't take long. I'm figuring on inspecting say a hundred yards at a time policing up any fragments of them and throwing them off the road and then grub up what's left. When I get that 100 yards done go pull the car and trailer up to the place I've finished cleaning and then work another hundred yards.

    There is another good use for old used carper though and that is turning it with the bottom up and covering a driveway with it. stuff won't grow through it and it gives traction after rains. My uncle did that on his property many years ago and its about as good as a concrete driveway. Of course in a big city it would probably be a snap to get all you want for free, but not likely to happen around here.

  9. hope things are goin alright for you. Dont run bare foot out there I guess.

  10. OGT, I didn't make it out there today either. I guess I'm waiting for it to rain so I won't be able to make it out there for a week? Then again maybe a good rain would wash the thorns away. Na... I couldn't be so lucky.


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