Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Looks like rain around here. Actually it has been raining a little. Just as long as it doesn't turn to snow I can deal with that. As for the whirlybird pictures and link to a video? That was at the request of Just Me and that whirlybird was given to me by an X - RV neighbor. I've about decided that some RV'ers just have to leaving stuff behind with their X-Neighbors. So far its been rocks, then the whirlybird, oranges and I don't remember what else? The other pictures are what it looks like around here just before sundown. No Sunset pictures tonight!

Soda Can Whirlybird Wind Chime (Video)



  1. I am thinking that you will get rain and not snow. A little north of you in the Van Horn area they are expecting a little of the white stuff in the next day or so.

  2. Brrrrrr. hey did you get my last email reply to yours?

  3. Thanks for the pics and video! I love that the wind only blows in one direction, but the whirly in the middle spins opposite from the ones on top and bottom. It's a good lesson in engineering for VAWT's where you have to be careful which way you face the blades relative to the connection to the generator.

  4. Scavenger, I don't know about the snow, but I hear it does that around here from time to time. I can sure live without it though. It rained pretty heavy around here form about 5:00 AM until about 6:00 so its pretty muddy here. I can imagine that my roads are going to be bad. Its also supposed to be cloudy and cold for the next 5 days so it doesn't look like I'll be out at the land any time soon. No sun and heat to help dry them out. Maybe this high wind will help some?

    OGT, I don't know. Did you get the messages I sent you with the forwards from Just Me? Sounds like to me you need to do some investigating and have a professional surveyor out there. I bought my land from the same company so I hope she doesn't find any problems with mine. At least they seem to have gotten all four corners right on mine though. If I was told right about the fence on my land being the TR boundary then it could be that some of my land isn't on TR either if the corners is right? I have a feeling they aren't right though because that would mean I won the road and a little strip on the other side of it. Also there would be a strip between my land and the land north of it that evidently no one would own.

    Just Me, so far all but one of the wind generators I've built I used PM motors so rotation wasn't a problem because I could just reverse the leads. Of course when air foils are used for the blades then getting the rotation backwards won't work at all. I did make one with a 130 AMP ford alternator, but the blades weren't near big enough to drive it. When I connected the battery it just brought the blades to an abrupt halt. I do want to build a big geared S-Rotor generator and use one of those alternators on it. It should put out about 1.5 KW at full wind.

  5. If I had property in your area the FIRST thing I would do is get a professional surveyor and stake things out proper. Seeing that your place is part of Terlingua Ranch and the people that HAD been running it had problems wouldn't suprise me if all the lots were off. Seems that the TR operators are just another type government who can't get the job done.

  6. David, I didnt get anything with forward things from just me.

    I responded and told you that the 3 coners were correct but the one on the lower left was missing and way in the wrong spot. Even if you can only find the two facing the road and one on the lower right that would be ok with me. oh and some pics.

    I will get it surveyed if I like the place. but I was hoping to have some pics and rudamentary corners to see if I even wanted to put something on it before i paid more to survey.

    What did Just me want?

  7. Scavenger, You are correct I need a survey and so does OGT! See my latest update for why.

    OGT,Not sure why you wouldn't have gotten the forwards, but it may have had something to do with your virus protection mot allowing messages with attachments with .eml extensions? I'll send them again, but this time I'll just cut and paste her messages in to mine as a quote so you SHOULD get them. You also need to see my latest update because you CAN NOT trust the coordinates for land that Classic Country Land posts on their site for the land. Again see my latest update to see why and why I couldn't do you any good. We've already had some pretty heavy rain and are getting more off and on now so there is no way I'd try to go out there in the Falcon until it dries out a few days. They are also still saying SNOW tonight.

  8. Awesome whirly birds. How do you cut the slits to straight?


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