Thursday, March 18, 2010


I made a trip in to Study Butte today and just before going up the hill at Bee Mountain headed south a large black furry cat went ambling across 118. I slammed on the brakes to keep from hitting it and it stopped in front of the falcon and snarled as if it was going to attack the car. When it snarled saliva was just pouring out its mouth. It stood there like that for a minute and then ambled on off the highway. Perhaps I should have run over it? I'd hate to think what it would be like with a bunch of rabid coyotes running around here. Maybe I'll start packing when I'm outside? Not actual picture of the cat I saw.
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  1. That's scary. Real scary, actually.

  2. Sure you ain't been in that red stuff? I know how you are when you get company. (He, he) That stuff made me walk funnie one night. I'll never forget! And the wife won't let me either.

    That wind gennie sure looks good out there. I'll bet it will produce a lot better out in the open. Now you got to get it all hooked up and storing that juce. Hope you did not put them battries too close to the hole. Don't think that kind of charge would do ya good.

    Looks like the tarp will do ya well. Did you put the Lightning Strike where them bommers could see it?

    Keep busy We're watchen.

  3. MC, yeah it was scary. I saw a sheriff's pickup at the post office and almost stopped and reported it. Not sure if that would have done any good or not though. Looked like that cat was ready to gnaw the bumper off of the falcon.

    Nope Tiger, no red stuff or anything else involved. That was one mean looking kitty cat!!!

    I'll have to run a longer extension cord from the battery bank/inverter to the dungeon, but shouldn't have the voltage drop like I would if I ran a 12 volt line to where the batteries are now. I'm thinking about moving the build site to another place with a lot better view. It overlooks the valley below and the hut would be facing south instead of east and about another couple of hundred feet to the west. Its also the highest point on the land and Dale found a cellphone hot spot there. I called RN from there and talked for a few minutes before it dropped the call.

  4. What's the red stuff? Is it like hot dang?

  5. Im not sure how a cat would do out in the wild, but I dont like em in the house so if I had one it would be as entertainment for snakes. Lol SORRY , I know Im gonna get it for that.. but I really am not a cat person I found out.

  6. The only problem with running them over, is they stick to your tires.(Not a cat person either)

  7. At the stage of disease that cat was at I don't figure it had much longer to live anyway, but I hate to think about what it might have bitten before it dies or what will be feeding on the carcass after it dies. I thought I was going to have a rabid Falcon for a minute there.;)

  8. Stay far far away from rabbid critters and hot damn 100

  9. I hear Hot Damn 100 cures rabies.

    *Disclaimer* that last statement is false.;)

  10. It has been scientifically proven through several independent double-blind findings, that the fiery burn of elixir, Hot Dang 100, cures all sorts of things, from arthritis to ingrown toenails.

    But the cinnamon-infused medicinal syrup must be ingested with great respect for its time-released potency.

    Reports have revealed its unsuspected potency could cause impotency and profuse vomiting in its said subjects, and so tonic must also be used with adequate re-hydration and care.

    It is very easy to overdose; although death from overdose is rare.

    It is hypothesized that subjects with strong constitutions should be able to handle this powerful elixir with relative ease, and subjects with weaker constitutions would be better served with a milder form (such as peach schnapps perhaps.)

    As I said in my opening statement, subjects from the in-depth study report a myriad of various cures with Hot Dang 100.

    (I'll send you the link for my source, if interested.)

    I know from personal fact that it is an excellent supplement alongside beer for keener eyesight as an aiming juice (for billiards) and it is also a superb timidity inhibitor.


    I also know for a fact it is very easy to overdose, and make one wish for death after having made an ass of oneself.

    You may initially think I am full of chit after having read all of the above mini-dissertation on Hot Dang 100, but that may just be a referral symptom of mild-to-moderate constipation on your part.

    Speaking of which:

    Jaeger Meister is an excellent cure for constipation, along with dry and wet cough, but that is another lesson for another day.

    Speaking of which:

    Have a very very good one, okay?


  11. Hot Dang! MC, I'm headed for the liquor store!;)

  12. hee hee ... for what? Hot Dang, Jaeger Meister, or Peach Schnapps?

  13. Might as well stock up. You never know when an ailment might strike.

  14. I'm embarrassed now. Tigger thinks I'm a boy.

    I sure hope y'all know that was a joke ... I worked real hard on it.


  15. Tigger's wife doesn't allow him on sites with women on them so he was probably trying to cover you up? ;)

  16. oh.


    well, if it is any comfort ... she doesn't have to worry about me.

    i am far, far from a rabid cat!


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