Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HOT, More Bloom & Old House

Looks like its going to be a HOT one today. Its already 94.5 in the dungeon at 10:47 AM and the hottest I saw it in here all day yesterday was 104.3. The shower water got up to 113 yesterday and I bet it would get much hotter today, but I plan to use it before it gets over 105. ;) The first two photos are a Yucca about 100 feet from the dungeon. More blooming going on.

Picture 3 if of the old house or cabin that was flattened. I'll probably add to this tonight when it cools off, but for now I'm going to retire to the shade behind the dungeon.
Picture 4 is the old water line that  was run in this area back in the 40s. Sure wasn't burried very deep, but it looks like it could still be used today. What a shame!

And for OGT the wind hasn't been blowing enough fir the wind genny to do any good so with heavy usage of the batteries at night and some in the day its back to running the gas charger every 24 hours for from 20 to 30 minutes.
Picture 5 a picture of the New Improved Snake Screen. Picture 6 a picture of a tarp I put up for shade when it got up to 105.4 in the dungeon. I hung out under it until about 2:00 and took a shower. Then the wind got up ant ripped my shade tarp down. I went back in the dungeon and it had cooled down to 97 with the high wind, but when I tried to get on eht internet it was down. I'm at the legion posting this now.


  1. Sounds like summertime around there . Stil not sure when I can get there but will asap I want to bring a full trailer load of what ever I can get hopefully a water tank e thinkin what I can thro on the trailer besides a stack of 100 dollsr bill. I ju can't find enough of them

  2. I'm still looking for a sack of $100 bills, I've had trouble locating that too. I'm going to get Pepper's shots and have her fixed next week, then Rhonda and I will start planning an out and back trip after that. So, like RN said, be thinking on what else we could bring out. Stay cool, and out of that ole sun as much as possible when it's the hottest. We should see you within the next 2-3 weeks.

  3. Dale will that dog ride on a motorcycle? If so it would be cool I have seen small one riding on the gas tank on a special seat

  4. We saw the fella out there in Terlingua who has a side car and the dog rides there, a pair of doggles and all. I'll be in the p/u and should at least have some firewood. Unless Unc can think of anything else he needs. I'm still looking for a water tank here, so let me know if you find something there.

  5. You guys are funny. I have all the stacks of $100s here. They are all from the civil war though. Confederate notes.;)

    Maybe Pepper will ride on the back of the trike? If not I'll put a cage back there.

    Updated the blog with a couple more pictures. 105.4 in the dungeon today.

  6. I love reading his (the guy with the dog mobile) blog: Oasis of My Soul.

    As always, I love the flower photos.

    I don't know what I can bring when (if) I ever get to come for my visit ... I suppose I could make you an old-fashioned, home-cooked meal.

    How long has it been since you've had one?

    I'm thinking it still may be a difficult gift to extend before/until you get truly settled out there.

    I suppose I could bring you some special grocery items from HEB to stock your food supply with.


    ^^(That is the guy with the dog mobile's blog)^^

  8. MC, I had a home cooked meal last night. A pack of romaine noodles. ;) That's about the extent of it now days. Probably why I keep loosing weight? That and the exercise. I walked about two miles this morning to get some of the pictures. I ain't used to that!

  9. Well, goodness, we'll have to figure something out ... beyond noodles!! You have to eat better than that! Especially with all that exercise and heat.

    Burn some steak over a fire, and wrap fresh veggies in tinfoil, or something!

    Might even bring you a tin of homemade cookies as well ... wheels are turning :)

  10. I seem to remember burning some steaks over the pit while we were there, and getting stuffed on a frozen pie. I know that's been a little bit now, but not that long already? lol The pictures are nice, not a single one was blooming during our visit tho. To bad about the shade tarp, I wonder what your going to have to get to withstand that wind out there? Take care, we're all watching.

  11. Have you considered rigging up a battery-powered evap cooler like John Wells has?

  12. Good to know, Dale ... so he doesn't have it toooooo bad out there, huh :)

    I'm so proud of people living their dreams!

  13. SHUT UP Dale! I'm trying to get a home cooked meal out of this. ;)

    Rover123, All in good time. I did keep a wet towel handy and used it to stay cool most of the time.

  14. I knew that I'd catch hell for that. Really the steaks were terrible and David had the one that fell in the coals. If I remember right we only let him lick the empty pie pan. There that better? Lol Have a good day, I'll hope for enuff wind to run the genny, but not blow you away.

  15. Your place is starting to look real inviting. Too bad you don't have the power for a small air conditioner. Maybe in the future you could get some solar panels, additional batteries and maybe another wind generator. For myself I would try and build a diesel generator and burn waste veggy oil for some serious power. Another thing I would need is a place to work on my car projects and a place to keep my beer cold. BTW what kind of beer do you drink or prefer?

  16. MC, its exactly as Dale said. They were real mean to me when they were here and all I got was table scraps.

    Scavenger, All in good time on a lot of stuff like that. As the old saying goes "You have to crawl before you can walk." I'd go ahead and win the lottery so I could do a lot more, but don't buy the tickets so I guess that means I can't win.

    I drink Natural Light mainly because its cheap and isn't bad beer.

  17. love the flowers must be nice, sleeping weather
    looks like you are really making a home.

  18. Sherry, home is where the heart is and my heart isn't here so this is an existence. I'm just doing my best to make it work for me.

  19. maybe after time your heart will be there and sometimes that is all we can do is exist and keep on moving forward to reach our goals any way good luck .I have 5 acres there that i haven't even seen yet hope to get out there sometime this year.

  20. Hey Tffnguy, Ive been outta town for a few days and got caught up. I see your snake barrier, Does it work? have you had snakes or spiders trying to get in?

    even at 30 minutes every 24 hrs , yer only looking at 12 hrs per month. I have a generator that runs 11 hrs off of 1.5 gallons of gas. so that would mean it could cost you under $10 per month to charge your batts up. Not bad. with a solar panel you might cut down and if the wind was blowing at least 5 times a month youd even use less gas.

  21. Sherry, maybe so. Would probably take a better woman that the one I left though.

    Buying land down here sight unseen is not a good thing. You may need a helicopter to get to it. What section of the ranch is it in?

    OGT, the charger doesn't use much gas, but I'm sure it will use more gas while its running than your generator since its a 12 HP. Never the less if it costs me $20 a month that is still a lot cheaper than paying an electric bill!

  22. [IMG][/IMG]

    Every time I pass this place (about 30 miles from my home) I think of you.

    BTW last night the TV program Criminal Minds did their show in a place called Terlingua, TX. Ever hear of it?? LOL Had a police department with 4 or 5 and lots of other infrastructure. Not like what I've seen from your blogs at all.

    Hal R

  23. No police down here cobralcon. Strictly Sheriff deputies out of Alpine. They sure do add stuff to TV shows don't they. ;) Of course you see a lot of Border patrols and on rare occasions (except for the chili cook off) a state trooper every now and then.


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