Tuesday, January 25, 2011


First off CRS. For those younger people who don't know what CRS is... Well it stands for Can't Remember S__T. I think that's a condition mainly owned by older folks, but I have seen younger folks with it a time or two. Now it also stands for Congressional Research Service (which is probably another BAD thing because we all know what happens when Congress researches something.)

Anyway my first attack is that I forgot to take my shaving kit along this morning when I went south to fill the propane bottles and to take a shower. No I don't shave anymore, but that kit has my deodorant, bath soap, quarters for a shower, toothpaste, tooth brush and a few other items. I usually put the kit in a plastic bag with my clean clothes, but this morning I left it sitting in the floor here. Fortunately someone had left a nearly new motel sized bar of soap on top of the shower partition so at least I had bath soap (even if it wasn't to my liking) Also fortunate that I had enough spare quarters in my pocket for the shower.

Now when I got to BBMI to take the shower one of their employees was working on one of the toilets and had the shower/restroom door wide open. It was still in the 30s and there is no heat in there other than what comes from people taking hot showers so I decided to put that off until later. I had breakfast at BBMI restaraunt and Frann came in so we sat and BS'ed for a while before I headed to the SB Store to get the propane.

I headed for the SB store, got propane and filled the falcon with gas, That came to $83.00 on the nose, but I actually got charged for 15 gallons of propane even though I only had two 7 gallon tanks. I'm still scratching my head on that because one was not totally empty and I watched the meter as it barely barely read 14 gallons when the guy finished filling the last one. Of course gas is $3.40 per gallon there which is about 15 cents a gallon higher than it is in Presidio and maybe 25 cents higher than in Alpine. So much for the so called low cost of living down here!

Second case of CRS came when I was ready to go back for a shower. I found myself going down the hill out of SB headed home before I thought "HAY! I haven't had a shower yet!" Yep... pulled a U-Turn (broke the law by crossing the double yellow lines) and went back over the hill to get the shower. That was when I discovered the first case of CRS! Sure glad the second case of CRS wore off before I got too far out of town!

Third case of CRS was when I decided to clean out the Fridge and see if it would actually start working again now that the battery controlling the low voltage to it is at MAX. I cleaned out the freezer and forgot to clean out the ice box part and after walking about a quarter mile to dump the spoiled food out away to keep the Coyotes away from here I thought to myself. Now why didn't you clean out the rest of the box? That took another trip, but hay! I guess I need the exercise? So far there have been no more cases of CRS today, but the day is far from over. Just give me time.


  1. Well you should...crap forgot what I was going to say...

  2. Trust me on this. It gets worse.

  3. Frann, I forgot about that one. I guess that makes 5.

    Oldfool, I'm sure you're right.

  4. I have practiced all my life and now I am getting pretty good at forgetting things.

  5. Around here at my propbane dealer it costs $13.55 to fill a 20# tank no matter how much is in it to start with. I make damn sure the tank is empty before I take it to be filled

  6. And worse to MsB. :)

    DD, I strive for perfection in anything I do. CRS might as well be included. :(

    BfA, that isn't the first time that's happened. If I remember correctly it was said to be 12 gallons when there were only 2 5 gallon tanks, but the woman in the store straightened it out that time.

  7. Ya Know... I think its going to get COLD here tonight. Got the oven set on 250 with the oven door open and the temp just keeps going down! I usually have it set on 170.

    Yep checked and its already down the 35 and supposed to get down the 23. :( Just now 11:00.

    I bet that's going to be a COLD trip to Alpine in the morning without a heater in the vehicle!!!

    Wait! I forgot to close the door. (Just kidding... About the door that is)

  8. If you ever need an excuse for speeding, can you remember this...?

    When asked by a young patrol officer "Do you know you were speeding" an 83-year-old woman talked herself out of a ticket by stating . . .
    "Yes, but I had to get there before I forgot where in hell I was going."

    Ah well - everyone has CRS's - you're more honest than most folks though :-)

  9. That's a good one Dani. I'll have to remember that. (Hopefully)


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