Monday, January 17, 2011

El Crap'O

Started coming down with some kind of bug late yesterday afternoon and by last night I felt like warmed over death. Woke up at 4:00 AM and had to make a run to the out facilities. No fun at all! Managed to get back to sleep after that and expected to feel as bad this morning as I was last night, but fortunately I feel a little better than then. Not to say I feel good because I don't. I still feel plenty crappy. All this is making me think I need an indoor backup for the It'll Du for cases just like this. Perhaps a plastic liner for the indoor facilities in here? Not room for the potty chair that is still stored in the dungeon.

Today? Its 62 degrees right now and supposed to get to 76. Its partly cloudy or should I say mostly cloudy with high thin clouds which isn't going to be real great for solar. Still no wind to test out the wind genny though. Too bad I don't feel good enough to start working on the storage building again. Would probably be a good day for it.

Wind Genny Update
Looks like using the diodes won't let me save the wind genny after all. There is more than enough wind that it should be putting out a fair amount of juice, but it isn't. It acts like it is in Lock Down Mode which means that there is a direct short somewhere in the system. Its not impossible that it could be in the wiring coming from it, but I suspect that the winding in the generator is fried. Its too windy and I don't feel like setting the extension ladder up to check that so now I guess I'll be waiting for another no wind condition and when I feel a lot better then I do now. 


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I spent all of Sunday in bed. I'm sure it was due to the coughing woman next to me at the theater last week.

    Get well! That liner in the inside toilet sounds like a plan.

  2. I really like my indoor composting crapper and running out in the cold to the cold seated crapper can't be any fun. Solar seat warmer??
    Feel better soon.

  3. D Rose, I went to a move in Plano once and the woman behind me kept giving me a shower every time she coughed. A couple of days later I was sicker than a dog so I know what you're talking about.

    Frann, I'll probably come up with something like a composting crapper that can be put out in the day and brought in at night if this keeps up. Not much room to keep anything like that in here full time.

    I feel a little better after a nap.

    DD, I don't think so, but suppose it could have been. I don't even remember what I ate for lunch, but I ate pizza at the legion, but had started feeling bad before that. (Just not real bad at the time)

    Its windy as heck right now and it it keeps it up tonight this would have been one of the good times to have a working wind genny. Oh well...

  4. Hey Unc, do you want me to find you another alternator for it? Shouldn't be to hard or expensive here, should it?

  5. I have been avoiding that very thing for some time now. If I hear a cough or a sniffle in the house I run and shut myself off from them. If I get down then how are all the animals going to get fed?
    But then again, getting a touch of the sick always gives me the excuse to bring out the "Wild Turkey"

  6. Dale, you won't find an alternator like that in a wrecking yard or parts house. It may be a GM alternator, but it will have been heavily modified. More than likely the rotor winding was removed and permanent magnets added to the rotor. JustMe came by and said there is a place in Ft Stockton that rewinds alternators and they might be able to fix it, but I have more testing to do before worrying about that. Given time, the right weather and when I'm feeling better I'll see what else I can do.

    MDR, I hear you. I try to stay away from sick people, but some sick people don't mind making other people sick.

  7. Your probably sick from your running around in January with no shirt on!

  8. Feel better - nothing worse than a tummy bug to drain one, in all senses of the word.

  9. Frann, no doubt you are right. Shame on me. ;)

    Dani, its no longer just stomach problems. Breathing is and just feeling real lousy is the problem now. Ever felt like you were drowning and not even in water. That's about how I felt about 4:00 AM. Not fun at all!!!

  10. Sounds like you need some sambucol, tffn. Are you better now?

  11. D Rose, never heard of sambucol? What pulled me through this morning was an inhaler and Singulair. Hope I don't have another morning like that!


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