Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is that Rain I hear?

Yep... will post more tomorrow.

 Icy puddle left under the door step.
Note the dusty web covering the solar panel. They are all like that so I'll be out dusting them off after they dry out good. This also happens to panels in high places (Like on roofs) so if you have panels on the roof you better have a good ladder to get to them after rains because they will also need to be dusted or cleaned. This can cut back on the output more than you would think.

It only rained for maybe 10 minutes so didn't have much time to wash the falcon, but it did help some. Unfortunately it didn't help at all inside it. There is still plenty of dust in it.

The prediction last night was for a slight chance of rain (which I got), but the wind prediction was for 15 to 25 MPH wind. No doubt that was WRONG! I'd guess more like 40+ because this trailer was rock'in and roll'in pretty good and that was with the wind out of the north and just hitting the back of the trailer rather than one of the sides. Note my door mat that was under the door before the big wind. That is a HEAVY mat and it was a good 10 feet from where the wind blew it from. I haven't started looking for other stuff that might have blown away yet. That will come after it warms up some. One good thing is that it is supposed to be mostly sunny today. I guess another good thing about the small rain was that the wind started dieing down about the time it started and it was more or less a calm night after that.

I rode in to Alpine with my neighbors yesterday and found a ball of cotton twine to use for wicks for candles so I'll be able to melt down all of the left over wax from candles I've used up and make more from it. I may go on the hunt for wax and start making my own.


  1. Hey Unc,

    It's rain we're getting so far here in D/FW, so far at least. Expected, according to the weatherman, freezing rain when I left for work, but thankfully the temps are above freezing. Hope yall don't get the cruddy stuff out there.

    To update my cancer diagnoses, as of my last check up the plan is to just watch it with PET scans every 6 months for a while. My new Oncologist viewed my last one, done this past Aug, and the one I had in 2003. He said there is virtually no change in them, and as long as that was the case there was no need to try treat it. Kind of a it's not bothering me, so we won't bother it, sort of thing. We'll do it this way because the treatment will harm me in the long run, for the short term gain. So, I'm good to go for a while.

    Hope yall have a great day.


  2. I didn't get a drop of rain but lots of wind. It was rockin and rolling around here last night. Just went and gathered up things that had blown around.

  3. Thanks for the update Dale. Sounding good and I'm glad you aren't having to go through the chemo and radiation again!

    It was pretty frosty and icy here this morning, but I doubt that there was enough rain to help the road out any. Sounds like the damn wind is getting back up now. :(

    Frann, Sorry you didn't get at least a little rain. And yes it was VERY windy here to before the rain. I've updated this thread now with pictures and as I just said it sounds like more high wind coming up now. Dang it!

  4. Hey tffnguy,
    I'm lettin you know everything is covered with snow here. Working out in the garage a bit on a new CBG. I've just about finished the house. Send ya photos soon. Glad you only got rain, allways needing that. Have you started catching any of it yet?

    Hated to hear the Win Ginnie went down. I was allways partial to that thing.

    Stay Warm.

  5. Tigger, had already heard from the family there that there was about 4 inches of snow. Just keep it there cause I don't want it down here! Glad you about have the house finished. Keep in touch.

  6. We got snow yesterday but it's gone now. More on the way.

    tffn - is your trailer tied down? I have aircraft cable in the trailer to anchor it. It's so light that those crazy Big Ben winds would blow it right over.

  7. Hey Dave are you stil awake I only have 2 more night shifts to work before I retire but I stil dont know what kind of tires I want

  8. Aside from a little wind and rain it looks like its alot warmer than last year. If I remember correctly you had some cold nights in the dungeon last winter.

  9. Scavenger, you are right. So far we haven't had any lows to match last winter. I hear Jan and Feb are the coldest months down here though so that could change. I sure hope not though.

  10. At 7:47 AM

    31.4 °F
    Windchill: 31 °F
    Humidity: 56%
    Dew Point: 18 °F
    Wind: Calm
    Wind Gust: 0.0 mph
    Pressure: 29.95 in (Rising)
    Visibility: 10.0 miles
    UV: 0.0 out of 16
    Pollen: 7.40 out of 12

  11. Well the wind chill one I could deal with, I don't mind the cold as long as the wind is toward calm. The wind chill is what goes right thru me. It's supposed to be 19degrees tonight and tomorrow night, hovering around 32-35 for the high. We've had snow flurries off and on thru the day, but no accumulation, which is good. Hope it's still better than the dungeon, stay warm.


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