Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here we go again. This time its FedEx. I guess time will tell how this plays out. Problem this time is I was expecting an envelope that I assumed would be sent VIA USPS. It wasn't it was sent by FedEx instead. Now my mailing address is to my other land, but I live on this land so even IF FedEx could find the other land then they wouldn't find me there. I have a 911 address here, but have never filed for a postal address here yet so as the postman suggested keep my mail going to the other mail box  so I did.

Now I figured OK I'll have FedEx hold the envelope at the nearest terminal so I could pick it up there, BUT when I tried to do that online it said I was not entering the correct address it was to be sent to. IT WAS!!! Now what do I do? Set by the road on 118 until the FedEx truck passes and chase them down or hope the driver calls for instructions to get here? (Fat chance of that happening!) How I found out about this was an automated phone call giving me the tracking number so probably any calls saying they couldn't find me or any other information would also be automated. I think the nearest terminal is in Ft. Stockton which I think is over 100 miles away.


  1. I like UPS better than FedEx and the USPS better than both. I have a P.O. Box for a mailing address and a street number for deliveries. I have to know which way something will be sent so that I can give them the right address. Gets confusing.

  2. They will call..the FEDEX gal is a sharp cookie!

  3. DD, unfortunately I didn't have a say in how they shipped or a way to put this address since its not a US postal address. I'll have to change that, but for now I'm probably screwed.

    Frann, you are the first person Ive see down here that has something good to say about FedEx. Most people say "OH NO!" when something is coming by them. I had trouble with them shortly after coming down here. I had two boxes coming from the same company, shipped at the same time and both addressed to the same address. (BBMI) the driver left the least expensive one and took the other one back to Ft. Stockton saying he couldn't find the address. Go Figure???

  4. That's crazy, tffn. If you guys can't get stuff, what the heck will happen to mine when I get there?

  5. Tffnguy

    Down in Corpus, UPS does really well and so does Fedex. The one I hate though is the USPS. When I order online and use USPS. They always leave stuff leaning on my front door where the item can be seen from the street. Fedex and UPS hide the items behind plants on my porch. Postal workers down here also have an attitude problem (probably from the Union). The Fedex guy and UPS guy are always friendly.

  6. I am with Dizzy on his preferences, I too much prefer USPS.

    This is a good topic as I am sure many current and future residents will no doubt use the services of these three shippers at some point.


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