Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Few Pictures

The above were seen a couple of mornings ago.
The battery hut insulated inside. I dug down this morning and poured a footing around it with one of the bags of concrete Frann picked up for me when she went to Alpine. I did that just to keep rodents from burrowing under it and maybe gnawing through the wood floor for snakes to follow. I hate surprises!

The three above were of a VERY foggy morning this morning.


  1. Yes, love the pics!

  2. I remember that desert fog from El Paso. (that was also air pollution mixed in too)
    Its really been warming up down hear in South Texas also. Lots of humidity.

  3. Same Same this morning only worse. Visibility is just barely a couple of hundred feet. (If that)

    DD & Abby, I take pictures when there is something worth taking a picture of. I figure people are getting tired of the pictures of the same thing all the time. ;)

    cc, It was pretty humid yesterday and probably be again today. If someone had enough catchment they would be getting a little water out of all of this. Everything is soaked.

  4. The humidity makes the desert smell amazing! Who the heck is up before sunrise!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw the moon when it was rising and looked the same at a reasonable hour.

  5. Frann, unfortunately I'm usually up before sun rise. Occasionally I'll manage to sleep late, but that's rare!

    The fog burned off a lot quicker this morning. I still couldn't see black hill or 9 Points until later, but the sun was shining here considerable earlier than yesterday. Its all good now...

  6. I hope the weather Gods smile on us next week so we can do alot outside when i get there

  7. Next week? I thought RN was on the way..

  8. Be there tomorrow Frann got you a tarp


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