Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Threat of Rain

Didn't get much done today, but this afternoon Bigfoot showed up and he was headed south. He wanted to know if I wanted to ride along so after thinking about it I said sure. He needed some stuff from Bee Mountain Hardware and I did to for the shower so that was the first stop. On the way in I spotted a curious looking animal which I thought was a badger that had been run over on 118 and it was on the shoulder. I didn't say anything and don't know if he saw it to or not but we passed it so fast that I doubt it?

We stopped at the legion to see if they had ice yet or not, but they didn't and after making my trip to the GS this morning  and getting two blocks and a bag of ice I had a spare block so let Bigfoot have it because they were out.

When he was dropping me off I noticed what looked like thunderheads building to the west and I mentioned to him that it looked like that to me. Once he had left I was sitting out enjoying the nice evening and kept hearing thunder off to the west. Later I heard a few drops hit the top of the trailer so I rushed out to get a feel of them, but unfortunately they eluded me. I don't think any or much of the rain ever hit the ground, but HEY its a promise of rain.

See pictures below.



  1. Frustrating when you can see the rain falling "over there" but not where you are...

    But as you say, the promise is there, and that's a start.

  2. I saw rain falling but it didn't hit the ground and I had some thunder also.

  3. Dani, since I don't have any catchment setup yet it isn't a real big deal for me, but it would be nice. For those who do have catchment they sure need it!

    I'm not sure how my road will be once we get rain though now that its totally screwed up in a couple of places. It may go from my always being able to get in and out to being stuck here for a few days. If so when rain is predicted I may have to start parking the falcon past the bad spots and I really don't want to have to do that.

    Frann, out side of hearing a very few sprinkles hit the roof here that was it. I did see one instance off in the distance where it looked like the rain may have made it to the ground, but that only lasted less than a minute and the rest looked like it was evaporating well before it ever got to the ground.

    BTW anyone else getting an error message when you try to go to the blogger's dashboard? Sure hope its a temporary deal!

  4. yep the blogger dashboard has been acting up lately

  5. Sure glad you were able to get a ride to run errands.

    Too bad the rain missed you. I did not know your road had gotten messed up. Any chance the HOA can fix it?

  6. Nick, tried to post on your blog and it wouldn't let me. Guess we'll see posts from you here (and on others) from time to time.

    MsB, HOA helped screw it up so I don't even want them on this road! Big Bend Telephone dealt it the final blow putting my phone and DSL in.

  7. I might have been in the middle of working on it when u tried to post.

  8. are u doin alright? normally u would post by now

  9. Doing OK Nick. Met the Foots at the legion last night and had a mini party. Had a good time even with just the three of us and Dave. I just haven't had much to post.


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