Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tourist / ID Theft / Out of supplies.

I'm going to have to make a good effort to get the falcon running today! I'm about out of ice and the legion is to. The GS was low also the last time I was there so unless they've got another load since then a trip there wouldn't help. I'm also low on other supplies and in BAD need of a shower so... I sure need to get the falcon up to the trip south!

From what I hear from the neighbor SB and BBMI is bustling with tourists so I hope I'll be able to get a shower IF I make it in.

As for the ID theft I called the sheriff's office yesterday to try and get them to fill out a report on the ID Theft and the person on the phone said the deputy who would do that had stepped out and would call me back shortly. I made that call yesterday morning and the return call never came. I can't hang out in here all day waiting so will have to try to get south and then call them again tomorrow.

The picture below I took a couple of evenings ago and it was a couple of tourist on bicycles with trailers behind them. I can't imagine making it up the mountainous part of 118 on a bike without a trailer much less with one. The trailers appeared to be pretty big to. All I can say is those two people must really be tough!
Below is another sunset from day before yesterday when it was mostly cloudy.



  1. Sounds like your cops are roughly the same as ours! Still don't have a case number, nor a potential suspect, for our theft. Just too much trouble...

    Sunset is devine - makes the day even more worthwhile, I reckon

  2. of everyone identity to steal.... yours?

  3. Dani, for some reason I don't think they're concerned with my identity. :( Looks like it may be Thursday before I try to make it to Study Butte. I did manage to make it to the Grub Shack and they had ice so I can survive another day without going south now. I'll just stink a little more, but I now find I need to do laundry so I'll probably make most of the day down south tomorrow. I'll have to change back to the old pump this afternoon because the new one seems to be the problem now. :(

    Nick, they don't know how hard they will have it with my ID. This might be a good thing though because they may pay me to take it back when they find out. ;)

  4. Frann, look for en email from me. I meant in my other message it would probably be Thursday before I call the sheriff's office again because I'll be down south tomorrow. (I Hope!)

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