Friday, July 1, 2011


Yep! Its really coming down and this trailer is Rock'in and Roll'in!
 A good 25 minutes of Hard Rain and its still raining lightly! :)
 I think its over. Called Frann ans she said no rain there. :(

Final rain tally was 3/4 inch.


  1. I am so glad for you and all the residents out your way :)

  2. Me to MsB! Of course we'll probably need a good bit more to loose the burn ban.

  3. Added some pictures and more to come.

  4. Brilliant - so happy for you. That'll clear the air too :-)

    Think maybe Frann chased away the rain by removing her tarp...?

  5. Tfnnguy

    Im glad you got some rain. I bet your glad to have your "Pimp Mobiles" cleaned off a bit.

    we talked about "runnning women" in Terlingua. Im thinking now about legalizing casino gambling in Terlingua?

    "Now that would attract Tourist"

    I can see it now, Big Bend Casino in solar powered neon lights.

  6. I'm glad for you tffnguy, although perhaps just a wee-bit jealous. I didn't get a drop! I watched it go right by me and head towards your place. I knew you were gonna get a good amount. It looked just like a waterfall pouring out of the sky, just cascading down in huge torrents! Did you measure it by chance?

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  8. No Tim, my neighbor ordered a large order from McCoys to be delivered soon. Now they won't be able to deliver it for about a week or more because the truck couldn't make it through the creek or road which ever you want to call it. I'd contribute the rain to that.


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