Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving @ the Legion

I know some of you following this blog are planning on being down here for Thanksgiving so here is a chance for Thanksgiving dinner on our end of Terlingua. (North Terlingua) I'm not sure what all restaurants down south will have Turkey Day dinner, but am fairly sure none of them will be free. I plan to make the dressing for this again and there may be a dressing cook off between another Legion member and myself. There was supposed to be last year, but he was a No Show so I guess that meant I won? Some may remember that I made one pan of Fajita, Jalapeño dressing and a conventional cornbread dressing. If I can find the jalapeños I'll probably do the same this year.

BTW the Foots supplied last year's jalapeños.


  1. Yum - wish I could be there...!

  2. Wish you could be here to Dani. You'd have to vote for my dressing though. ;)

  3. Consider this my vote by proxy :)

  4. Our American Legion does that too, and so do all the bars here in town. We have lots of hunters on that weekend, and also, people with no family. Anyone is welcome, and there's more food than can ever be eaten. GOOD FOR YOU. ummmm love dressing.

  5. Dani, I'll see if I can use that. ;)

    TnT, there aren't that many restaurants down here, a few are closed and I don't think any that are open have free anything.

    Last year I went in BBMI and the only turkey they had was deep fried drumsticks and I don't do those.

    As I walked along the line to see what all they had before getting in line I nearly flipped out at what I saw. (When I got to where I could see that was the only type turkey) There was some crazy woman picking the drumsticks out of the warming pan with one hand, trimming some of the meat off and then throwing the remains back in the pan for other people behind her to have to deal with. She had done that to about 4 of them and was going after a 5th. All I could do is loudly say You have got to be Shitting me. Needless to say I got a dirty look from her as I turned and walked off.

  6. Oh no, here come the Moochers, be very careful of people crawling out from under rocks for a free meal.

  7. David:

    I can bring jalapenos, and whatever else you need. Email me, we'll be down the weekend before TG.


  8. David - another year has passed. Thank you again for your service to our country.

  9. Terry, jalapenos would be good, but all the other stuff I'll need I'll either have or will get locally. Unfortunately I didn't think about getting all of that stuff on my last Alpine trip and won't be going back that way until after turkey day.

    Thanks Andy. I's been a challenge down here from the start and still is, but things generally keep getting better. This will be my third Thanksgiving down here.

  10. I'd try and send you some jalapenos, but the envelope might get a little soggy!

    Free is a very good price! Have a great time!

  11. HJ, I should have bought a jalapeno plant when I bought the tomato plant. I think it would have done better than the tomato plant and I'd probably have more than I could handle.

    Bkid, there may be a few people that just show up for the free meal even though they could easily buy it, but that isn't the spirit of it. Would be a shame for anyone to go without a turkey day meal if they couldn't afford it.

    According to Bob D... BBMI is having one for donation or pot luck. I don't know if Jerry and Eva plan to have one at the GS or not, but if they do it will probably be for donation. I don't know about Judy's Bad Rabbit, but that's a long way out there. Don't know about Tivo's either?

  12. Steve and I will be going to Alpine to pick up cement and supplies for the Legion's Thanksgiving day meal. Give us a list of what you need and we will grab it there where it is cheaper.

  13. Dave, I think that should have been worded a little different. ;)

    "to pick up cement and supplies for the Legion's Thanksgiving day meal"

    Maybe it should have been (to pick up supplies for the Legion's Thanksgiving day meal and cement.)

    Looks like I'm covered now if Terry brings jalapenos because Ring is on the way with the other stuff I'll need other than what I already have.

    Folks, there won't be any cement in my dressing. ;)

  14. I took yesterday off since I'm a vet too. So here's wishing you a day late...thanks for your service to our country.

    Could you post a recipe for the jalapeno stuffing?

  15. I'll bring a couple cans of jalapenos and some fresh ones too, as I'm not sure what you prefer. We'll eat what ever you don't need later.

  16. The Cement will go good in the stuffing.

  17. repsychallblues, Thank you for serving to. As for a recipe I don't really have one. What I made last year was just an experiment that happened to turn out good. Not all of them do. All I can give you is the basic ingredients and no measurements for them.

    Typical cornbread dressing with the following added

    chopped chicken breast
    chopped onion
    Fajita seasoning
    chopped boiled egg
    chopped celery
    chopped seeded jalapeno
    chicken broth

    Mix well and Bake it until there's a light crust on the top and serve.

    Terry, I use fresh jalapenos, remove the seeds and chop them.

    Bkid, that would work if everyone had titanium dentures.

  18. Your dressing sounds delicious. Hope you win. :)

  19. Thanks MsB, Did you make it to the chili cook off this year? (Without stopping by again)... :)

  20. This time I did stop in front of your place (from the highway) got out of my car and shouted at the top of my lungs both your name and your nickname. I even took a picture to prove it.

    My car was VERY weighed down so I did not want to get stuck on your road as you had mentioned that it was the consistency of baby powder.

    However you were not home or at least you can only see your falcon from the road. When I drove by the Grub Shack I did not see your car there either ( it was Sunday Oct 30th) around 5:30 p.m.

  21. That's an improvement over last year MsB so I can deal with that, but my road is very good now.

    I think I was at the legion preparing to make a fool of myself about that time.

  22. Happy birthday, David!

    I'm not going to make it down there, so eat some extra turkey for me :) And I will also vote by proxy for your dressing!

  23. 74 years old yahoo!

  24. Thanks Abby. Too bad you won't be able to make it down here.

    Don't believe a word GridNUTaMas says Folks. You would subtract 10 years from that for the true age. Of course that is 39.


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