Thursday, August 9, 2012

BBVVFD Meeting. Please come. (Vote)

Lee forked out the $$$ to get the ball rolling. The 501c3 is in the process of being applied for and a meeting will be held Sunday 08/12 (this coming Sunday) at 3:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Legion this time and it looks like there will be a vote to elect the Board of Trustees. I sure hope who ever is elected can do a lot better than the Ranch board!

If you care to join us as a volunteer or want to throw your hat in the ring to be on the board or even the chairman (president) please come to the meeting. We were told that Lee can't run for any board position, but I could. I'm not in to that type of politics so will bow out on that. We have our first functional firetruck (thanks to Lee), but we find that the fire station will have to be upgraded some.

I checked in to the 911 address for the station (Not knowing whether the owner or previous owner had already done it and fortunately it turned out that one of them had so we do have an address for it.) One more step out of the way.

Like I said if you want to sign up to be a member or to run for the board please show up.

*** Update ***
I just got off the phone talking to the owner of the building  which will be the fire station and got the go ahead to request the actual mailing address for the station and to put it under the Big Bend Valley Volunteer Fire Department. The owner is A. G. Hays and he's a great guy! He has also given us the Ok to get a phone put in and to build a small office in it. He says he will add a septic system and get it ready for a  restroom to be added. Looks like things are moving right along.

Only other news around here is that I went out to the cabin about 10:00 last night to get a soda and it was sprinkling. Nothing shown in the gage though. Sure would be nice to have  a good rain to see how the pond does.


  1. You might find you have difficulties getting enough volunteers for all board positions, especially after the organization has been running for a while and the work aspect of an effective board member becomes known.

  2. Could be rj. I know little about the workings of a board and don't think Lee knows much about it either. The CPA wants to use mostly people from down south for the board and wanted to install one of my neighbors (and friends) as the president, but I see a major conflict of interest with that. I'd prefer board members to live in this area, but it will likely be a vote by members to elect who ever may be running.

  3. BTW if anyone whats to explain exactly how this board should function and what positions are needed I'd be very happy to hear it.

  4. At the least you need a President/Chair, a Vice President, a Secretary/Historian, and a Treasurer. Need to generate Bylaws that dictate how meetings and votes are held, timing of same and percentages of members required for a quorum.

  5. Thanks rj. Just curious. I guess I'll find out first hand Sunday.

  6. Good to hear you are this far along in such a relative short time. Wish you would reconsider running for office.

  7. MsB, we're sure having our ups and downs. As far running for office. No way! I've had quiet a few people ask me why I don't run for commander of the legion and I don't want any part of that either. I'm not a politician and don't care for all the BS that goes with it.

  8. Good luck for the meeting. Where is your pond...?

  9. Here's a link that will download bylaws for a neighborhood civic association I was involved with many year ago (although these are current and legal). Article 1 and Article 3 cover useful items for any group.

    Often organizations get in trouble due to 1)meetings without notice 2)spending without board approval (best to require a two signature checking account) 3)poor record keeping (eg meeting notes & subsequent approval at next meeting) 4)poor bookkeeping and IRS filing behaviors.

    In a volunteer fire department, I am sure you will want insurance to protect individual volunteers.

  10. Dani, there's an Arroyo (Dry creek in English) that runs across th back of this property and high sloping bank on one side and the front of this land also drains in to it also. There is a LOT of drainage both from my land and the land behind me so when it rains that Arroyo carries a BUNCH of water. It now damed up about center way so unless the dam washes out there should be a good sized pond back there.

    rj, thanks. I'll keep that handy and we'll see what bylaws the CPA comes up with and how many of those will be trashed. Lee may want to replace some f them with the ones on the document you sent. I did see some good ideas in there.

  11. Tffnguy

    (captain crunch again)

    I found a fire department brush truck with hose for fighting brush fires in Ceder Park for sale. I need an e-mail address to forward this add to you guys in Terlingua. I found it on craigslist in Ceder Park (austin) maybe you can find it.

    leave a reply with some contact info so I can get it to you guys.


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