Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Red Rascal / BBVVFD meeting a success

After the meeting last night I came home and one of my friends (Daniel) came by and we sat in front of the cabin looking for the meteor shower I'd heard was supposed to happen last night and tonight. Didn't see one meteor which is unusual for around here. I had the party light set up for lighting and about 10:30 I noticed a small snake slithering by about a foot in front of my feet. My reflexes kicked in like the time I posted about the lizard I named Dog some time back and I lifted my feet well off the ground. Daniel saw me do that and the snake just after I did and he did the same. I'm not sure that was a good move because if it had been a rattle snake they strike on movement and it might have triggered a strike. I didn't have the camera handy so no pictures.

Anyway it turnout that is was a red racer and probably the same one I posted about some time back, but it has about doubled in size and length now. From what I've read they can get up to about 8 feet in length so if it keeps hanging around that could be a heart stopping event to see an 8 foot snake in faint light go slithering by.  :shock:  I guess I'll be calling this snake Red Rascal.

As for the VFD meeting yesterday it was a success. I'd asked Julianne (Just Me) to run for the board and she accepted my invite. I nominated her for a position as soon as I could and she was voted in. That seemed to lead to a domino effect and when all was said and done all board members were voted in. They then voted Julianne in as chairperson. No one from south Brewster county was voted in which in my opinion is a good thing because now all those local to this area are now on the board and a lot of the people from south Brewster county seem to think the north end of Terlingua residents are sub human for some reason. This is one more important step toward us having our own fire department, but we still have a lot of hoops to jump through before we are there.

It turns out that now that Lee has gone to the trouble and expense to get this going the Terlingua fire department wants to step in and sort of annex us in to their department. There already has been some resistance to us making it on our own and I suspect there will be a lot more as time goes on.


  1. I guess the Terlingua fire department wants you to do all the work and then they can just acquire it. An eight foot snake is impressive no matter what kind it is.

  2. DD, I figure its going to be a hard road in more ways than one. Good people are working on it though. I wouldn't mess with an 8 foot red racer because they will bite if cornered. Wouldn't kill a person, but sure wouldn't be any fun either.

  3. Yep, even non-poisonous snakes can do some damage if provoked.

  4. Never heard of a red one,,,son had a baby blue one last week about 10" long,,mean little suckers,,,lolol,,he went in to show his dad with it hanging on his finger,,,those, cotton mouths, and copper heads,,are vicious.

  5. TnT, I believe if I got bitten by a cotton mouth or copper head I'd be headed for the ER! I guess I should catch the Red Rascal and try to make a pet out of it before it gets too big. It makes it clear right now that it doesn't want to be messed with though. ;) Probably couldn't bite yet, but that time's coming.

  6. I do not think I would want to see an eight foot snake under any circumstances, let alone at night.

    I almost had a heart attack the year I saw a baby rattler by my tent at the cook-off. Was a big shock because the night before I had almost frozen to death...for some reason I thought they hibernated during cold spells :(

  7. <s B, he's such a good little rascal. ;)

    The rattle snakes down here don't know they are supposed to hibernate so they don't. Good thing to have red racers around because they eat them.


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