Thursday, September 20, 2012

A health update / The Cabin

Been out of town for a while trying to get some stuff done through the VA. Some time back I got a care package from them (A prep kit for a colonoscopy) I've never had one and don't care to, but I did drive to Alpine to get screened for one. When I got there the nurse handed me a form to fill out and a report from a stool sample. I asked her about the report and told her it wasn't mine because I hadn't had one. She said "You didn't?" As near as I could tell the report was from someone with health bowels (which mine aren't) Shortly after that the doctor comes in and says there is nothing she can do for me? That sounded good to me so I split. Sure glad I didn't have to drink all that crap in the prep kit!

Next appointment was for blood at Fort Stockton and they took four or five vials of that. Next appointment was in Odessa to get the results of the blood work. Damn! I must be a 65 year old super human because all of the tests came out perfect. That or the samples got mixed up with some really healthy young person? Sort of makes me wonder!!! I had Pneumonia at the time of the Odessa visit and fortunately got some antibiotics prescribed and was sent to Big Spring to the hospital for x-rays and to pickup the med the next day. They had already sent it down here and I had another appointment in Odessa 3 days later so went without those antibiotics for three more days before I got back here to take them. They sent me a brand new nebulizer for my COPD, but no medication for it so its basically useless as is. I guess I could buy a bottle of Everclear to puff through it to see if that's all its cracked up to be. Naw... Guess I'll stay on the wagon.

Psyc test? Well I think the psychiatrist decided that I'm only partially crazy and not all the way yet. Terlingua will do that to you ya know.

The weather is finally cooling off down here so if I can get over the pneumonia before long and get the motivation then I'll get back to work on the cabin. Looks like it may be next spring before I'll be able to move in it though.


  1. Maybe you should get a pneumonia vaccination after you get over this case. I've had to go on the wagon also. Ha. I guess old age does that to you. ah well.... I find I enjoy the days more.
    I hope you get well real soon.

  2. Rubye Jack, I got one last year and have every other five years for ever, but I still get it at least once per year. The vaccine if for viral pneumonia which I hear is the worst kind, but there are other types that it doesn't work with.

  3. Crazy? I doubt it. Some of the other blogs from around there have some questionable ideas floating around...

  4. A suggestion, for what it's worth, when I am out of the nebulizer solution I go ahead and use the nebulizer with just water. I take one inhalation from my inhaler, use my nebulizer with the water, and then take the second inhalation from the inhaler. It seems to work for me as a stop-gap measure until I can get a refill of my nebulizer solution. As always YMMV! LOL

  5. There are mold spores that live in the desert that cause pneumonia like symptoms. You may have something like that.

  6. rj, I think I know a few crazys down here, but I'm sure some think the same about me.

    Judy, I have plenty of distilled water around here so will try that. I'd considered that with a little salt added to it. Hopefully the VA will catch that and send the medication before long? I'm still waiting on other medication to.

    DD, I've heard of Canyon Fever, but I don't know where from. Maybe a blog? Maybe yours? That's probably what you're thinking about and I guess it could be. I'll ask the doctor the next time I go, but figure they will think I've gone the rest of the way crazy if I do.

    1. Doc said if I didn't have a saline solution that distilled/purified water would work just fine.

  7. Tffnguy,


    Yeah I had some of those yummie VA treats that will make you go "super pooh"

    I had those kidney surgeries a few years back and that sucked big time.
    The civilian knee surgeon did not require me to "blow the ballast out" of my tanks you could say. Dont know why, it could be a VA thing.

  8. Judy, I've got inhalers and distilled water so I'll try your other suggestion until I get the medication for the nebulizer. (If I ever do)

    CC, I'll let who ever gave the stool sample do it.

  9. I am a little confused...someone else gave a stool sample but it somehow got mixed up with your records?

    If so, why did you not ask to be able to give another sample since that obviously was not yours?

    Getting a colonoscopy is very important after 50, it saved a friend of mines life when he got it done at 50 and the cancer was caught early (he is the guy that killed the snake by my tent).

    Hope you get well soon.

  10. MsB, I didn't want a colonoscopy to start with. Just trying to keep the VA happy by getting screened for one. Since I didn't give a stool sample to start with and they stuck someone else's report in my records why give them a chance to put my results in someone else's record?

  11. Tffnguy,


    After reading that deal with the colonsopy saving your friends life, I think that I may set the entire midget wrestling team up with coloncopys (I dont think they will be too happy)
    I wonder if I can get them a group discount if I can get the entire team done at the same time.

    (im sorry Tffnguy, I had to come up with some kinda sick jokes:)

  12. "I didn't want a colonoscopy to start with. Just trying to keep the VA happy by getting screened for one." tffnguy

    Really? Do it and you may thank me down the road. It's easy and painless. They will give you some Valium to make it psychologically painless as well.

    The benefits? They can take out pre-cancerous growths (if found) at the same time and save you a BIG operation and a waste bag down the road...

  13. I did this a few years ago, and peacefully slept thru the hole thing.

    I'm still seeing the guy with the camera prob.!


  14. Ya know, when I go to a doctor who has a stool sample report from someone else and says it mine (never gave one) and then tells me there is nothing she can do for me then that's reason enough to say to hell with it. I don't want someone like that doing anything to me.

    Aside from that I'm 65 years old, had a good life for the most part with some bad. We can't all live for ever.

  15. Lung cancer will take you quick. Colon cancer will make you miserable for years.

  16. I ve never read yur blog dude before, very impressed, what worries me more after doing so is the Odessa trips etc the supply of medications, costly trips etc as I m going to retire next year being then 66 on ridiculous income and will have the Medicare stuff (A + B only).
    Thought Alpine might ,should be able provide most of those medical services. On regard on medications (which I take almost 6) Im in something called PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (almost ALL Labs and Meds have it) meaning on a yearly basis yu mail them yur Prescription and Tax Return (if yu r bellow 455 K, some even less) yu ll get the med shipped free to yu by the Drug Manufacturer. Works ONLY for BRAND NAMES, meaning yu can look who manufactures what (Brand) then look Lab WebSite, call request a Patient Assistence Program app and fill mail it. Lasts a year. Yu need be organized keep up.
    In my case I m looking to Sanderson Tx (as can not afford Alpine). Love Terlingua but I need be realistic not be too far away from Doctors.
    Hope this helps.


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