Sunday, September 2, 2012

No more captain / water tank / ad

I have resigned as captain of the fire department and after a clash with the chief I am no longer even a part of it. Works for me!

Being how I'm going to have to start hauling my own water I'd been looking for a tank small enough for my trailer to handle. This one should do it. Its a used 125 gallon tank but I think I can live with that. I'd have to make two trips to fill the water tank I have, but as long as I only let it get about half way empty I should be good to go. Won't be long before I have to use it though. cost was $80 delivered here. I think new ones are around $1 per gallon so I think I got a good deal.

A guy was handing out posters yesterday so I told him to give me one and I'd post it here. I's a little hard to read some of it, but maybe it will work.

Sunset this evening.


  1. You are probably better off no being involved in the fire department as long as thy come to your place if you have a fire. Don't forget to take some pictures of the flying saucers in October. (grin)

  2. According to the chief if my place catches on fire they won't put it out. Its statements like that and an out of control temper that caused me to resign in the first place.

    I won't be going to that festival DD. UFO's scare me. ;)

  3. I think you will find David, that when you have an unorganized organization there is gonna be turmoil. Everbody wants to be head cheif, the boss, and nobody wants to gather wood for the evening meal.
    I respect your efforts to help the community, but your decision to put your efforts into your homestead I respect more.
    UFO's skeer me too....and I seen a plenty of 'em in my travels.

  4. Tffnguy,

    (captaincrunch again)

    I try not to get involved in much stuff when other humans are involved. Attitudes, ego's and gossip start up. (Its bad enough managing a Mexican Midget Wrestling team)

    On the UFO crap, can I bus my "Midgets" to the UFO thing. I would like to make a all the "Midgets" wear grey clothes and grey makeup paint, show in the middle of the night and freak all the hippy's out.

    Tffnguy, I can borrow your freaky glow light and hang it from the front off the bus!

    "The Marfa light bus and alien invasion"

    Imagine all the "Midget wrestlers, dressed as little grey aliens, drinking beer, starting fights and trying to pick up on all the 20 year old hippy girls.

    That would become local Terlingua legend. (just imagine what the border patrol would think)

  5. You have "20 year old hippy girls" around there?

  6. BB, one other person is thinking about resigning also so if that keeps up then it may be a one man show. I don't have to go anywhere to see any UFO's I see plenty right here.

    CC, sounds like you have a plan. Guess you need to start shopping for a buss. I'd never lend out my party light though.

    rj, maybe 60-65 year old hippy gals, I think the 20 year olds are either cowgirls or Hip Hoppers.

  7. It was great seeing you and Hollywood yesterday, david. Sorry things are rough with the fire department.

    There are a few young hippy gals here, rj.

  8. Good to see you to Denese. Things are just what they are at the FD and I don't expect them to change.

  9. Only in Turdlingua can something go to hell before it even starts.

  10. Bkid, it ain't gone to hell yet, but its headed that way fast.

  11. You Really see UFO's out there?

  12. Replies
    1. Anon they usually are (especially with a few clouds around)

  13. Seems like a decent price for the tank and it looks easy to plumb up. I've been using two 55 gallon drums to haul water (food grade) and they are a pain in the neck to transfer water out of.

    Great sunset picture!

    1. QKid, one of my friends had given me the two 55 gallon drums (one of which became the party light) I'd intended to use them to haul water with, but like you said it would have been a pain to transfer from them. I can do it two ways with the tank and that is that I have a large submersible fountain pump that moves a lot of water fast, but doesn't have a high head. Should still do the trick though. If that doesn't completely do it then I can just switch a hose and use the SureFlow pump to transfer the rest. (Its fairly slow though) I couldn't have used the fountain pump on the drums because it wouldn't fit through the openings in the drums.

  14. David,
    If you let me know a day ahead of time I'll bring my gas powered transfer pump down when I come to the Legion, it will make quick work of moving the water.

  15. Thanks for the offer Lance. Not sure when I'll be hauling water yet. I need to pack the bearings on the trailer and do some plumbing work on the tank. (Add a valve) There's still about 55 gallons in the tank so I hope that will last a while longer. I'll probably see you at the legion.


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