Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paint Finished (Kinda) / Ramblings

I finally booted myself in the rear (wasn't easy) and finished up painting the cabin all except for some brush work.
Note that I've added the second window since my last  picture I posted some time back. I managed to crack one of the inside panes putting it in, but its on the inside and I still lack adding the other dual pane panels behind these windows. It won't make much difference other then cosmetic, but it still chaps my rear! I still need to add the other window to the south side, but am still trying to figure out how to shoehorn it in there without cutting studs.

I'd been drilling all the holes for the conduit/wiring inside and once I got them all drilled it dawned on me that I should have measured before drilling. I hadn't. I'm either going to have to try and make do or go back and drill other holes in the right place. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

And on to the Ramblings.

Funny how much food you can shove in a tiny fridge when you aren't trying to keep it stocked with beer. I'm sure eating a lot better than I was and I've had two Chef's salads lately which was unheard of around here before. Unfortunately I need to eat several more before the salad mix goes south and its already showing signs of that now. Hard for one person to eat what is made for several. I've figured out a way to keep cold water in the fridge also. I can fit two bottles of water in the freezer at a time and it takes about one hour to get them ice cold. When I drink one I fill it back up and put it back in the freezer and move the other one to the fridge part.

Sorry! I got carried away on this sandwich before I thought to take a picture of it. It had pastrami, ham, turkey breast, cheese (Colby Jack), lettuce, tomato, jalapenos and onion with Mayo and Ranch dressing on whole grain bread. It was really very good and I just got through polishing off one like it for lunch. Made do without a soda by mixing up a cup of Country Times Pink Lemonade. Probably a lot better for me than sodas.

And on another note the VA doctor prescribed some pills that are supposed to help me stop smoking.  I have about enough smokes for two more days and then things are probably going to get pretty rough around here for a while!


  1. Sheet-rock covers up a lot of mis-drilled holes and such! Then it's paint and spackling compound.

    The image looks similar some of the work a niece does. She is into fantasy and sci-fi, complete with wings.

  2. She looks like a 13-year old with quite the figure. Youth is beauty? So they say.

    Remarkable progress on the cabin. What next?

  3. If she's not real I'm sure there's one out there that could come real close to her.
    To bad my wife reads your blog I could tell you what I really think about her.

  4. Judy, I'm not really worried about the holes. Just hate having to take accurate measurements and drill that many more. I may make a jig to do that though.

    Yes I could picture that with wings of one sort or another. Angel/fairy

    Rubye Jack, she does look awful young, but I'd bet it is a figment of someone's imagination and not a real person.

    Ah come on Jim. tell us. ;)

  5. First, let me congratulate you on changing your diet and the house looks like it is coming along just fine. BTW, I think the picture of that girl is definitely a painting and a very good one.

  6. Oh BTW Rubye Jack, insulation when I get it, then drywall or what ever I use for the inside walls. I'd stay in it with just insulation to save on propane this winter. Got to get the insulation first though.


  8. bargirl238, Yep I'm a firm believer in that.

  9. Well I know this much, The chick in the picture is way to good looking to be in Turdlingua. I bet she even shaves her legs.

  10. Bkid, come on now. Not all the women down here go unshaven.

  11. Your cabin is really coming along there my friend. I like the color you painted it, this color should help with cooling it down. Good thing you didn't select a dark color :-)
    Chef salads are amazing. I do know what you mean about the lettuce going bad on you. Since there is just you, maybe it's best to just by a head of romaine lettuce instead of a bag. Just a thought. Now your making me hungry looking at your sandwich. Drinking water is a good thing. Every now and then, I try to cut a little orange and put it in my water for a change from plain water. Two days left of cigs, are you rationing those cigs? Do you have something to keep you busy when you crave them? Like gum, celery stick or something? Hanging in there my friend, you can quit. I will keep you in my thoughts, good luck.

  12. The girl kind of reminds me of an air brushed version of my ex. She's probably still available for one of you bachelors but she's also high maintenance....

  13. Sandy, I never think of stuff like that. I hear hard candy helps a lot, but I don't have any of that, celery or gum. Maybe I'll beat it to Study Butte in the morning before I run out of smokes. If I wait until I do then I'd probably break down and get another carton.

  14. rj, I can't afford myself so I don't need a high or low maintenance woman. Either would be nice though.

  15. Now THAT looks like a decent sandwich :) Yeah, know all about the hassles of a fridge that too small...

    I tied the tabs - didn't work for me

  16. She was young when that picture was taken. Now she is old like the rest of us. That picture was taken with a Brownie.

  17. Magnesium helps calm things down when you're trying to quit. I quit 45 times in the last 40 years and someone finally told me about the magnesium. I still take it even though its been over a year since I quit, and I don't even want one anymore.

  18. things are looking good out there - ole budkid is a hoot. What i learned after a many tries to quit - quit while carrying around an open pack of cigarettes. it's got to be based on more than just not having one available... (haven't had/don't want a cig after 30 yrs but still sometimes have a bad dream that I have accidentally started again)

    My dad taught me to drill that hole for wire just a little further back in the wall so you don't drive a nail into the wire putting up sheetrock. Insulation fits behind it.

    Life is so beautiful it's worth whatever fine-tuning you need to make.

  19. I had to laugh when I read Dennis' comment. I quit smoking about 10 yrs ago, a couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I started smoking again and woke up feeling really guilty. :) Quitting was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but I'm glad I did it. I'd wish you good luck on quitting, but you don't need luck...you can do it.

    Any fridge is better than no fridge and having to buy ice! I'm currently trying to buy a small propane fridge to take out there with us next trip. I'm really tired of driving to get ice.

    Your cabin is lookin' good! Keep up the good work.

  20. Dani, I've tried lozenges, patches and gum and none worked for me. Hopefully I want to quit bad enough this time that I'll succeed?

    Lou, There you go. Turn a babe in to a hag in one sentence. ;)

    Anon, I think I'll try these pills first.

    Dennis, I have a pack of smokes that are totally lousy for that. I'd almost quit smoking just so I didn't have to smoke them.

    As for the holes I'm going to be using wire that is embedded in flex conduit so they will have to be perfect to line up with the holes in the boxes and make the boxes come out flush with the inside part of the studs. It just dawned on me that I can use all the existing holes except for the ones the boxes will be on. I did drill the holes the same distance from the floor, but they vary from the outside of the studs back. I figured with that I'll mark the sheetrock or what ever I use at that height so I'd know not to nail in that area.

    Qkid, I quit smoking cold turkey for 6 months years ago and it really didn't bother me that much. Now days that's a different story. Wish I hadn't started again.

    You might want to rethink that propane fridge. Most of the people that have them down here say the same thing I do. They SUCK! They work fine in the fall, winter and spring, but once the temps get up there they can't cut the mustard. The little one I have here will only maintain about 55 degrees on a 100 degree day. Not good for storing most perishable food. The freezers will work, but there is very little room in them.

  21. Great Work on the Cabin.
    So No Drinkin, No Smokin,
    All good for the health but what are you gonna do as a vice?
    Gotta have somethin! :)

  22. That's a good question OGR&D. There aren't any cat houses down here so that's out to, ;) To tell the truth I really don't know?

  23. hey, David, haven't commented for a long time but still read you regularly. I quit cold turkey on 1/3/93(after 26 years). Haven't had one since. Only missed them at first when I drank but since you stopped that should help. And when I started they were 25 cents a pack so I saved a lot of dinero over the past 20 years!
    As a housepainter it looks like you did a masterful job on your cabin.
    I still think about Pepper when I read your blog.
    Take care, Andy V.

  24. Andy, thanks for the comment. As far as Pepper goes she moved out of this area with her new family some time back. She is in good hands.

  25. David - Thanks for the info on the propane refrigerator...we need to find some solution instead of buying ice every day during the summer when we come down. I guess I'll keep looking, if we come down for Thanksgiving it's usually cool enough to only have to get ice once while we are there.

  26. Qkid, the little fridge I have only pulls 66 watts running. I think they only cost about $100 new, it probably runs 50% of the time in the HEAT of the summer and probably about 30% on cooler days. Don't know what the smallest inverter it will run off of is because I don't know what the start AMPs are. I'd almost bet it would run off of a 300 watt though.

    One large 12 volt deep cycle battery and a hundred watts of solar would probably run it 24-7 unless there were some cloudy days like today. I had to run the charger this morning for an hour and will have to do the same tonight.

  27. Your cabin is looking good...don't worry about the broken pane like you said it is only cosmetic.

    I am so proud of you for staying on the wagon and if that was not hard enough to also try to quit smoking at the same time.

    Sending all my good vibes your way :)

  28. I have been looking at a 75 watt true sub zero mini fridge. It is EdgeStar 3.1 fridge / freezer. It is energy star rated 75 W/0.64 A
    showing 337 kWh per year. Dividing by 365 I get 923 watts per day. Kinda pricy at $237 new but a decent price for a 3.1 with seperate frige and freezer.

  29. OGR&D, I looked it up online and it looks like a decent sized fridge. The freezer also looks large enough to actually store some food in. Mine is only a 1.6 cu in and the freezer area is just big enough to hold 4 soda cans laying down for quick chill. That seems to be about all its good for.


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