Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catman's Litterbox

I'm following HermitJim's lead in posting a link to Here (Catman's Litterbox) and I thinks its something everyone needs to read!!!

HermitJim's blog can be found in the blogs I follow link as well as now Catman's Litterbox.


  1. He does make a lot of sense and it is sad but true.

  2. Tffnguy,

    (captain crunch again)

    I visit a really good blog from and off the grid family in Idaho and left a comment reccomeding your blog and thefieldlabs blog too. The blog in Idaho is called paratusfamilia.blogspot (latin for prepared family)

    I checked out catman's blog. It was interesting. What this all boils down to is money and power. Americans have 90 million gun owners and 300 million guns
    The bad guys can't work us over if we can defend ourselves so they are coming up with all kinds of garbage to screw us with.
    There are some good guys like Ron Paul and a few others, but I think the jerkoff's out number the good guys right now.

    I hope everything is turns out okay. If not I will have to have my "Mexican Midget Wrestling Team" work as my security detail.

  3. CC, hope your team is up to the task. I'll check out the blog.

  4. Looks like a blog JW should checkout.

  5. The point is, that bad things happen all the time in everyday life giving us ample opportunity to train for the end of the world.

    Here's the deal. How we handle ourselves under pressure will be the deciding factor in our survivability at the end of the world.
    (paratusfamilia) Must be great to have something to look forward to and what a way to inspire the kids.

  6. Tffnguy,


    Can you do me a favor. On your next drive up to north to Alpine. Can you stop about 20 or 30 miles up the road from you at that one highway stop on Highway 118 with the two yellow trash barrels on either side of the road and parking also on side of the raod. Its the one you will hit right before the long incline up into the mountains between Alpine and Terlingua ranch.

    Thats the spot where I want my ashes dumped (in the dirt not in the 55 gallon drum trash cans)
    Whoever dumps my ashes can toss my coffee can into one of the drums.
    Now Im not planning on doing this anytime soon, maybe in several decades or so.
    I just figure its a real nice place to spend enternity. (It will be like Hell in the summer:)

    What I want from you is some pics from around that spot sometime in the future. Just post them on your blog and I can copy and print them out.

    Im not gonna make it out there anytime soon to take any pics.

    I figure to I can get my "Midget Wrestling Team" to do a Twenty One Gun Salute with M1903 Springfields or M-14's, but I think the FED's would freak out when a drone captures pics of of a bunch of heavily armed midgets with high powered rifles on the side of road firing into the air.

  7. On the last paragragh. I ment to say that I don't think it would be a good idea for my midgets to do a gun salute for me. Instead, they can have a keg party out there. Kinda like and Irish wake.

    Oh' and Tffnguy, you can drive them and be thier escourt.

  8. CC, I've already checked in to that myself, but there's a sign on the barrels clearly saying no dumping of household trash or craze's ashes in the barrels or anywhere near that area.

  9. Very well written post and I could not agree more. Thanks for sharing it. We're so sick of the corporate elite taking control of every aspect of our lives and using our government as pawns in their game. Every thing is becoming illegal these days and it's only a matter of time until they toss all of us in these camps they are setting up all over the country.

    That's why we're doing this whole 180 thing. We want to be there before the November elections.... and I really REALLY hope that's possible.

    Chris Miller
    Our180.com - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness


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