Friday, November 16, 2012


Since I haven't gotten anymore insulation up in the ceiling
that may be a good thing according to the weather forecast. Looks like a good chance of rain coming up so at least I'll be able to see if I got the roof leaks patched. (If it rains) I'd rather find that out before the insulation is in. I can hope can't I? Outside of that its totally cloudy and pretty cool which SUCKS in my opinion.
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  1. I would be sealing that ceiling if I heard the quiet patter of rain quite near.

  2. If you find a leak, partition it off and, presto, you got an indoor shower stall.

  3. DD that couldn't b be much colder than taking a shower with the water from the tank.

    Anon, 64

  4. At the rate of rainfall in Turdlingua that wouldn't allow for very many showers.

  5. I guess it is cloudy in all of West Texas. We got about 20 drops of rain in Del Rio...if you can even call it rain.

    That is a good picture of you in your trike.

  6. MsB that was way before the trike. We got 23 drops of sprinkle so beat y'a. ;)


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