Saturday, November 10, 2012

Slower Progress

Got the two other bags of insulation my last trip to Alpine. I still lack a good bit of wiring for the cabin and still need to add headers for the AC and third window. Can't finish the insulation until I get all of that done and I'm not having a lot of luck getting very far with the wiring. The wire built in to flex conduit is a real pain the butt to work with but its all I have. At least its protection against rodents chewing through the wire and starting a fire.

According to online weather its supposed to at least get down to 32 degrees tonight with a chance of rain, but you sure couldn't tell it today because it got pretty warm. I'm having to take a lot of stuff out of the cabin to make room to work in there and when it started clouding up I had to move everything back inside. Sure slows things down!

I checked on a seal for the Jeep and AutoZone showed two different ones and I don't have a clue which  one I need. On top of that they'd have to order them which would have meant another trip to Alpine the following day. I went ahead and got a valve cover gasket and black RTV (silicone sealant) to seal it with and hope that will help on the oil leakage if it doesn't cure it.

I hear Big, Little and Under feet will be here before long and it will sure be good to see them. Seems like its been for ever since they were here.

Yvada Yvida Yvida... That's all Folks...


  1. It's beginning to look like winter is on its way in so it must be nice to have the insulation near done. What'd that pig say again?

  2. Dang, that did get cold over your way. You can keep it over there for awhile. Sounds like you got too many irons in the fire with the car/and the house. Don't over do it and don't get in a hurry. You want to do things right the first time.

  3. Rubye Jack, now the forecast has changed. I think about 43 tonight and 27 tomorrow night with a much cooler day tomorrow. I can always hope that's way off and won't be near so cold! I think the pig was speaking in a foreign tongue? That's the way I'll be when I get cold!

    DD, that 50s for tomorrow and 20s for tomorrow night doesn't sound good to me at all! I was outside in a t-shirt until about 45 minutes ago and it was comfortable. Sounds like heavy coat weather coming up. :(

  4. Sounds like it is going to get chilly down your way!

    Stay warm and like Dizzy said, take your time getting it done so you only have to do it once.

    I am envious of the Foot family...they get to go back to Terlingua :(

  5. MsB, I'm taking my time, but it isn't because I want to. I'll try to get it right though.

  6. Hey, David. My annual "thank you for your military service" post for this Veteran's Day. And to all veterans out there who read this post. Sincerely, Andy V

  7. Got the trailer cleaned out and ready to load, gotta take the roof off the golf cart to get it fit in the back of the cargo van, still need to rig up the scanner and CB radio in the van, need to change the oil, get the hitch wired for light plug-in, blah, blah, blah.

    Gonna plug in the "kill-o-watt" to that old refrig and see what it pulls today.

    Lil'foot will check with her brother,lives nearby, about feeding the barbedo sheep (Lizzy looks very pregnant).

    And 5 more days of work until they cut me loose (since I do not want to go to Denver to help run a project there)....counting the hours now. I hate that 1 hour each way commute across DFW...longing for those desolate, empty highways of South Brewster County.

    Oh....and Thank YOU for your service Mr. Smith.

    Big, Lil' & Under Foots

  8. Thanks Andy V. I say the same to the rest of the vets out there.

    BF, if the fridge doesn't pull too many watts that would be better for me right now. I can get an RV oven/stove for free here and it would already be setup for propane. If the fridge pulls too many watts then the stove would be better because it would be bigger. Shouldn't be that hard to convert to propane. Also thanks for the tanks.

  9. BTW was a pretty warm night here, but WINDY. It was 69 degrees in here at 7:30 and has been down to 59 to around 63 max for a good while at that time of morning. I guess now the temp will start dropping and I sure hope it doesn't get down to 27 like the forecast calls for tonight!

  10. You're a wise man for wanting to sort proper insulation out and it sounds like you're going about it properly too. Take your time with it because if you install it incorrectly the first time round you're only causing yourself more issues in the future.

    Sounds like things are coming along though, even if the weather is apparently thinking about turning against you a little bit.

  11. Lee, I'm planning to make a flat sealing when finished so will have enough room to add another R-13 of insulation above that. Should help by adding to the R19.


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