Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 Plus / More freebies

Couldn't remember when I first set foot on Terlingua soil so back tracked through the blog. I've actually been here a little over 3 years. (Three years a month and a few days to be exact.) Things have changed a lot for me and most for the better for those who haven't read this blog from the start.

Today is Bigfoot and Littlefoot's third anniversary and I remember Just Me and myself watched John Wells marry them over the internet. Congratulations again you two!

More Freebies

The little oven is compliments of one of my friends/neighbor Howard. It isn't real big, but should do everything I need it to do. (cook decent sized pizzas and who knows what else?) Its supposed to be a built in so I plan to build it in a small cabinet with wheels on it with the propane tank inside the cabinet like a propane grill. By doing that I'll be able to move it in the cabin in the winter to help provide heat and be able to cook meals without it getting too hot inside. In the summer I can move it to a small outside kitchen I plan to build eventually. I'd imagine the new fridge will stay in the cabin though. I'll probably build in a sink for dish washing both in the cabin and outside kitchen.

Bigfoot also brought me a couple more high E dual pain windows that I've decided to put on the south end. They are frosted but that doesn't really matter I plan to also double those to double the insulation value and they will mainly be for lighting during the day.

After Ring brought me another bundle of insulation to finish off the cabin Bigfoot brought me some more R19 insulation and it will come in handy because they are cut in 4 foot length pieces. I need several 4 foot pieces for the ceiling so I won't have to cut the other stuff. He also brought me some R30 that I can use for stuffing in areas where I can't use the R19 stuff.

Then comes Nick. He came buy and dropped off some R13 insulation and I'll probably use it to insulate the under pinning on the cabin. Should help both in the winter and summer since the floor isn't insulated. Occasionally Harbor Freight runs a sell on interlocking rubber tiles that are about a half inch thick and are made out of hard foam rubber. They are intended for covering garage floors, but since they are foam I figure they would have a decent insulation value so I plan to cover the floor in the cabin with those. Should be able to do that for under $100. I just may have enough insulation left over for the add on bathroom when I get it built.



  1. Free is good, as long as it washes off.

  2. I have followed your blog since the beginning and remember you moved down there in 2009.

    Congratulations to Big Foot and Little Foot, I wanted to watch their online wedding but could not because I still had dial-up internet at the time.

    It is great to have good friends and like Budweiserkid said "free is good". I firmly believe that good acts are rewarded many times over.

    Have a great day.

  3. You are getting every thing you need. You have some nice friends for sure.

  4. And thus the palace was built.
    I'm glad to hear all is going well and that it looks like you're be warm and cool through the seasons to come. Right on!

  5. Bless your friend - friends in need are friends indeed :) Here's hoping that this winter will be more bearable for you...

  6. Bkid, he cleaned the stive before he brought it over here.

    MsB, it sure seems a lot longer!

    DD, hopefully before long I'll at least be sleeping in there.

    Rubye Jack, it will feel like a palace to me even if a very small palace. ;)

    Dani, I'm sure it will be much more comfortable and cost a lot less to keep it warm.

  7. Freebies are always welcome! Glad to see that things are coming along nicely!

  8. HJ, if it weren't for the freebies I'd probably still be living in the Dungeon. One other person is graduating up from the same conditions down here. Looks like he will be going from a dungeon to a cabin with a lot of help from friends. Friends and family are everything. Life would b hell without them.

  9. It's good to be able help good folks a little when you can.....that's all I got to say.

    David is a true ..."Good Guy".


  10. I just put it all together... Leon told me that while he was out there last spring he had helped to put a roof on a cabin. Didn't realize that I had been reading about my husband when I was reading your blog. I'll have to show him your blog in the morning.

  11. David, I love to see it all coming together for you! Also glad to see you got a new camera. I look forward to seeing lots more pictures of the cabin, scenery, and adventures :)

  12. BF, watch it you're going to ruin my reputation.

    Benita, Yes Leon is responsible for the roof being on the cabin. Can't say Thanks enough. I thought he knew I had a blog?

    Abby, hopefully I'll be staying in the cabin before much longer. I just need to find some new stuff to take pictures of. I figure people are getting tired of 9 Points.

  13. David,
    Figured I'd post here as I'll probably forget before I see you tonight, google xj death wobble and you'll find more than you want to know about your jeep problem.


  14. Thanks Lance. I was hoping it would be an easy fix. Krap!


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