Saturday, December 22, 2012

I guess we're Safe?

Well 12/21/2012 left without a big bang and I don't have ocean front property. Sort of makes me wonder what idiot or idiots will come up with the next event that will supposedly wipe all life from our mother earth? Will we believe it even if its true? It seems to be a little like the boy that cried wolf. Suppose something really came up that would spell certain doom for us all, but we all didn't believe it and said screw it. Then it happens and we are no more. Perhaps we would all be better off since we wouldn't be worrying about it until it happened. Not that the majority actually believed anything was going to happen this time and for that matter 01/01/2000 or doom's day sayers from the past.

Pictures from last night's End of the world Party.

Picture from this morning's sunrise.


  1. Join the Jehovah's Witnesses group and always have an end of days to look forward to. In 1975 believers sold their businesses, houses and cashed in their insurance policies because of the teachings. Interesting that the Witnesses won't talk about it today and their official Wiki page has no mention of the sell-off.

    Time to Act-1975 pdf
    See page 11 of 17 or page 247 in footer. The whole article is illuminating since it was written by an insider.

    1982 Time Magazine about excommunication of Author of Above

    Wiki of Witnesses Author

  2. Never have been interested in those folks.

  3. Tffnguy


    Im more concerned about man made disasters, like another great depression, terrorist nuclear strike on the U.S. etc, etc.
    I hope nothing happens, but the world is much crazier than it was 30-40 years ago when it was just us and Russians.

    Between us and the Russians, we kept most of those third world psycho dictators in check and terrorists were just running around in the shadows wearing ski mask or panty hose over their heads.

    Things sure have changed and not for the better.

  4. The next big thing has already been predicted, it is called Global Warming.

  5. Maybe I'll get that ocean front property after all, but it won't be in our time.

  6. Any global warming in Turdlingua will cause the people to spontaneous combust.

  7. I was more worried about the Russian missiles going off on Jan 1, 2000 than what the end of the Mayan calendar made 5,200 years ago might have had spell out for us.

    I may be wrong but if the end of the world is near, it might have something to do with the Iranians, Koreans and Israel...:-(

  8. P.S. Seems like you all had a good turned out at the End of the World Party :)

  9. You are right Bkid.

    MsB, I wasn't worried about 2000 at all either. Just shook my head every time I saw someone flipping out over it. There seemed to be a lot more people worried about that than this latest thing. Maybe people are starting to catch on to the BS?

    There was a decent turnout for the party.

  10. I think anyone technically oriented knew Y2K was totally bogus. A lot of new computer systems were sold to corporations on the premise, especially German SAP Accounting systems to Fortune 500 companies. Even Japan, who was plummeted with nuclear bombs, was selling transistor radios a few years later, followed by best in class Sony Walkmans and "flat screen" TVs. Germany (also given a taste of armageddon) and Japan were soon selling the best quality automobiles from their then modern factories.

    History over the millenniums tells a different story than do the doomsday preppers and religious fanatics (like the JWs).

    Lots of paranoid people have always existed; it's simply a mutated survival instinct that kept us safe from the tigers.


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