Thursday, December 6, 2012

Almost there (I think)

This morning Judy (one of my friends and neighbors) came by and helped me get the rest of the insulation up I was having trouble with. Didn't take all that long, but it would have taken me forever trying to do it by myself. There's still a small amount to do, but I can do that by myself. I also need to do more sealing around the outside roof as soon as I can get to it.

Below is all the stuff that had too come out of the cabin for us to put up the insulation. I'd just been moving it all from one area to another area and getting it out of there made things a lot easier. Most will be crammed back in the storage tank since most of it came out of there to start with.

Below are pictures inside I took tonight. Its unbelievable how quiet it is in there now.

Also tried out the new big fridge and the compressor wouldn't start off of the 750 watt inverter. Looks like I'll have to use the bigger 1000 watt inverter. It will be real nice to have such a large fridge and freezer.


I've killed three more small cone noses in the last two days. One in side here yesterday and two outside the door today. Seems like the season for them is starting later and the ending season is to.

Night before last I heard the first pack of coyotes close outside in over a year. (Probably closer to two years) Sounded real close.

The front end on the Jeep is shot and I need to rebuild that as soon as I can get the cabin finished far enough to weather the COLD front I keep hearing about.

Don't have an S.O.T.P. picked out for the day...


  1. Your place is looking good my friend!

    Silly me, I must ask what are small cone noses?

  2. Thanks Sandy, For the cone nose definition just do a Google search on cone nosed beetle. Everyone down here hates them.

  3. As in cone nosed beetles. They suck your blood while you sleep at night...

    tffnguy, I recommend that you sprinle some diatomaceous earth (DE) around your foundation, your walls and on your threshhold. DE will kill those nasty little critters before they can get to you!

  4. DJcracker, where do you go about getting this stuff?

    1. I think that Johnson Supply in Alpine should have it.

  5. Bkid, I'm sure most people are a lot tougher on them than most vehicles. I guess mine is worth trying to keep up.

  6. DE is a white power sold at pool stores for use in high end pool filters.

    1. Pool-filter DE is a different type, and is not suited for pest control. Always get the food-grade DE.

  7. Looking good - well done. And thanks to all of those who have helped you.

    Yeah, that sure is a pile of junk, but nothing that a good sort out won't fix. Shove it in the tank in some kind of order, then it'll be easier to find when next you need it.

    So happy that you're gonna be warmer this winter... :)

  8. Started using DE around the cabin in July. I noticed the last two times that we went out there, we had significantly fewer critters in the cabin. So far I think it's a success.

  9. That DE is easily found at most any farm and ranch supply. a 10# bag is fairly cheap and goes a long way.

    We sprinkled it around when we put in the overlay floor decking and all around the inside edges of the walls and stud cavity at bottom. Outside not sure how long it will last after a rain or two.

    We haven't seen any scorpions or other crawly critters in the place yet. But when you leave the doors and windows open those cone noses can just fly in a settle down and wait till night time to get a nice drink of the red stuff.

    I've read you can add a little to a dog's food and it helps with fleas....but never tried it.

    The insulation looks great dude!!


  10. rj & DJ, I may try that later on, but I'm surprised the cone nose are still out there I don't think its reached freezing here yet, but it has been close a couple of times. When I get ready to under pin the cabin I may try to cover under it with the stuff.

    Dani, I don't think it will take that much propane to keep the place warm. Probably less than one third of what it takes to heat this place. The Mr. Heater heater works real good and I'm sure it doesn't use near the amount of the oven in here.

    Qkid, I haven't seen over two or three scorpions all the time I've lived here, but for some reason it seems like this is cone nose central. Lots of spiders and other type bugs though.

    BF, I went in the cabin at 7:10 and the temp was 42 degrees in there. I fired up the Mr. Heater on high and checked it at 7:35 and it had raised the temp by 12 degrees. I'd call that real good. I'd figure once it was up to temp the heater would probably maintain an even temp even on cold nights and might even over warm it. I plan to get a wall heater eventually and convert it to a thermostat system so it would maintain a more or less even temp.

    Right now the way it looks with the shorted day light hours I may not be able to run the larger fridge until I get a couple more batteries. The inverter cut out at 6:30 this morning, but I used the laptop fairly late last night watching movies. I'm trying to use too much stuff on two few batteries for the hours the solar panels are working.

  11. Learn something all the time, thx for the DE info, had black beetles in my house since spring.

  12. TnT, there are some tiny black beetles here to and they bite and cause some nasty whelps. Don't know if they are early cone noses or what.

  13. Your cabin is going to keep you nice and warm this winter. Thanks to Judy for helping out...I worry when you get on a ladder by yourself!

    Too bad about the front end of your vehicle, hope you get it fixed soon.

  14. MsB, priority now is to get the cabin where at least I can stay in there at night. The days usually aren't too bad. The Jeep will have to wait for much attention until I get that done.

    Welp... Its back to the salt mine insulating. ;)

  15. David, I know the Jeeps are pretty tough. I just payed off the old ladies Grand Cherokee yesterday. I never heard of the death wobble until I watched that video, it wouldn't be hard to fix if you lived where you could get the parts
    For those damn bugs, sprinkle a box or two of Borax 20 mule team all around the outside of the cabin. Yes you can still buy that stuff in the real world.

  16. Bkid, I just used plan'old Boraxo in Plano for cockroach control and it helped a lot. We still had to have an exterminator out occasionally. Like someone mentioned though cone nose fly and they can fly through open doors get through torn screens and a multitude of other places where the poison can't be put. The cabin should be a lot tighter and easier to keep them out of or at least spot them on walls and the ceiling.

    I can order the parts for the jeep online and Lance looked them up online. They were pretty cheap. Also Juan bought a couple of Cherokees off of Dale Wood and the parts might be good enough for a quick fix. I've already scrounged a couple of other parts off of them.

  17. Great Job on the insulating!
    When were out at our place in early November we heard coyotes several nights. They are probably wandering farther out.
    For Jeep Cherokee parts DB Smith had a couple. Not sure if Zano took all that or what.
    The 92 Cherokee I had only got the death wobble after I did the 2" lift and put on the 10.5 x 31 tires.
    Keep at it and stay warm.

  18. admire this yur blog and activity, certainly much more interesting than the "field lab" as this yours is definitly real, human and sincere, TRULY the Big Bend life, as it is,dude.

  19. Looks like your 'weathered in'. Thats great!

  20. Coming along nicely, I think! Snug times ahead!

  21. OGR&D,
    Jeeps like mine seem to be sitting everywhere down here. Probably wouldn't have much trouble finding used parts, but Lance looked them up online and they were pretty cheap.

    Pablo, Thanks for the compliment.

    SUERTE, Now I need to build the bunks. I have a hammock I'm thinking about putting up in there and trying it out though.

    HJ, I think you're right. The little heater Bigfoot lent me warms it up fast in the mornings.


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