Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AL post 653 Second Ledgendary Jam

This Jam was a total success and actually bigger than the first one! It was down to standing room only inside and the weather cooperated and  the party spilled over out on the patio in front. Lots of people out there to.

Pat O'bryan is more or less responsible for promoting these parties and has done a hell of a job. He is also a very talented photographer not to mention a hell of a musician. In the above photo are some of the prints he's selling and they are great.

Ron Moore putting up some color changing party lights.

Lots of other pictures I may spread out over several blogs. I took a lot of videos that I thought I'd lost, but found out I hadn't.  It takes at least two hours to upload one video though so the  one here will probably be it.


  1. I enjoyed the video...had no idea it took so long to upload one, so thanks for uploading this one.

    Recognized a couple of people in the video. Glad the jam was a success!

  2. P.S. Did anybody forget their panties in the parking lot this time? jajajajajaja :D

  3. MsB, too bad it takes so long to upload videos because I have several good ones.

    No I reckon who ever left the last panties there ran out of them?

  4. I recognize about three people. Maybe if you guys keep flipping those rocks over you'll find some more people.

  5. Legendary Legion Jam #3 coming up in Feb.

    Gonna be some surprises.

    You did beat me at getting your videos online. I'll try to catch up...

    c'ya when I get back.

  6. Bkid, more people are coming down here all the time. Sure you don't want to come back?

    Pat, I guess it wouldn't be a surprise if you let the cat out of the bag so I'll just wait and see. If more people show up I don't know where they will be. Maybe it will be nice enough to move it outside?


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