Monday, November 17, 2014

145 degrees in Terlingua?

Last Friday when I checked the weather on this is what came up. I think the 145 degrees was a slight Boo Boo because it felt more like 45 degrees. Of course it could be that I've finally become climatized to the Terlingua heat? A hundred degree difference in one day. WOW!

Friday was my 67th birthday and there was a birthday party at the Legion for me. Wasn't a big party because there was a concert put on by Jim & Anna elsewhere, but the few that showed up had a good time. To borrow a phrase from one of George Goss' songs "Welcome to the Bad Lands" Where the Wine and Tequila Flows There weren't no Wine, but enough Tequila, beer and whiskey to sink a battle ship. Or at least sink most of the people there including me!

The weather was perfect for the party and it was basically held out on the patio. Upper 70s, sunny and a very slight breeze.

I was up to my old tricks and invented a new Tequila, lime and coconut fudge made with 9 ounces of tequila, lime, white chocolate, and coconut. Turned out a lot better than I expected and added to the effects of the drinks.


  1. It is kind of hard, but I can remember way back to when I was 67, oh to be that young again (grin). Happy Birthday, David.

  2. Thanks DD. Now if I were wishing I'd be wishing to be about 45 again.

  3. Happy birthday! Sorry, I never want to do 45 again. I'm quite happy that phase of my life is over and am comfortable with my 62.

  4. Judy, in my case I'd try to avoid a lot of mistakes I've made since then. Oh well... Remember the old saying "Wish in one hand and poop in the other one and see which one fills up first. ;)

  5. Many belated Happies, David. Sounds like a good time was had by all :)

  6. Happy Birthday Dave! I've been off the internet for quite some time! got frozen in up here on my houseboat and was stuck for a week or so till the mild weather came back! Ahhh, Canada, ...That's the life! ;-) See ya soon, on my way! again Happy Birthday ol' timer ;-)

  7. Dani, probably too good a time. ;)

    Thanks Rob.

    Al, best to leave that Canadian weather up there. I sure don't want it down here! See you when you get here.


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