Saturday, November 29, 2014

2014 Thanksgiving Day Bash at the Legion

No one went hungry at this Bash! There were at least 5 turkeys and I think closer to 6 or 7. George Goss was the mastermind behind this and he was responsible for putting it on.

Food was Turkeys, Bear meat, Audad Meat, Salmon steaks, other fish steaks, Ham and probably more. There was lots of traditional and non traditional Thanksgiving dishes and lots of deserts.

Music was provided by George and a number of other local musicians most of which are in some of the pictures either playing or just standing around or seated. It was a FULL HOUSE and spilled over to outside, but fortunately it was a beautiful day.


  1. Wow, you all had a full house!

    You guys always seem to throw such good parties. It sure beats the spaghetti I had for Thanksgiving :(

    Take care and bundle up.

  2. MsB, George Goss is the one that gets credit for setting it up and he did a hell of a job. I think hes done it at his place in Lajitas before. Hope he decides to make it an annual deal at the legion.


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