Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a great one. I'll be at the Thanksgiving celebration at the American Legion here which is being put on by George Goss. Should be very fun and filling as there is supposed to be a LOT of good food and even better a lot of good friends. If you can't be with family then you can't beat this! Thanks George Goss! There will also be live music by George and probably other local musicians.
The turkey in the cage will be spared this thanksgiving.


  1. Hope you have a good one to Randy.

  2. Did the president pardon that turkey, too? Enjoy!!

  3. No DD, Quin the little girl did. ;)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all is well in the desert. Hope to buy some land and live there someday; trapped in rat race. Last time in Big Bend country was 1982!

    1. Leslie H, Same back to you. Great day at the Legion and I feel like a turkey. (Got stuffed twice.) ;)

  5. Thanks for posting. Hope your holiday was great. I didn't do family either. Rather do friends.

  6. Nightshift, Family would have been real good, but no way I could make that so this was a really nice thanksgiving anyway. Of course being alone for Turkey Day or Christmas really sucks.


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