Saturday, May 29, 2010

The New Me / Memorial Day

I was getting sick and tired of the beard and scroungy hair so yesterday afternoon I got out my clippers and went to work. Seems that the beard alone was enough to do in the clippers because when I got started on my head they weren't cutting worth a darn. It was a real mess but nothing I could do with it,but went to the legion and one of the member's girlfriend took pity on me and went home for her clippers. She couldn't find them so returned with scissors and was able to do a good job in straightening out the mess. Sure is a lot cooler, but I guess I'd better be careful not to get a sun burned face where the beard was and also the top of my head and neck! I kept the mustache because I've had one since I got out of the Army.

On another note they are having a Memorial day deal at the Legion today and I was asked to help out by slopping beans or something like that so will HOPEFULLY remember to take the camera and post pictures of that tonight.  Some of the local musicians are supposed to play so it should be fun and also get a meal out of the deal.

Went back and the entertainment was top notch.
By the time the entertainment got started most of the crowd had left and a few bikers showed up to take up the slack.
MC & OGT probably know who this is.


  1. STRAW HAT!!! You sure look diffrent with out your furr.

  2. ok where did the real TFFN guy go what did you do with him ?

  3. frann, one of my sisters sent me some 40+ sun blocker so I decided to use that instead. I'm not really a big fan of hats or caps.

    RN, I ran the hairy old desert rat off. Now I'm taking over this operation!

  4. (((Aw, look at you ... those eyes slay me.)))

  5. That straw stetson is in the back of the rover if yer tired of cookin your head.

  6. T-
    thank you for your service to our country, and to anybody else reading this who served also. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  7. But I don't want to slay anyone with my eyes MC. If'in I was wanting to slay someone I'd rather use a weapon. ;)

    OGT, I think the sun blocker will do fine. (If I don't forget to put it on.) I have a couple of hats around here I could wear if I really wanted to.

    Looks like no photos of the bash at the legion. Nothing really there to take pictures of when I left. The musicians hadn't shown up and not sure they will and then there wasn't much in the way of decorations to take pictures of. It looks like it could rain around here any time so I came back to the dungeon to charge the batteries.

    BTW... RN is supposed to bring me some solar panels when he comes next time. He doesn't know the wattage or how many. My niece's hubby scored them where he works. :)))

  8. Thanks Andy V, Nice to see the vets get a little better treatment when they come home than we did in the Viet Nam era!

  9. Nice look, man! Willie Nelson cut his braids recently. I read that he sent them to the oil spill relief effort to help make booms. :-)

  10. Unc, I'm glad they do too, and wish it could have been the same for you too. I've never understood why the people were crazy like they were then, but it is nice that it's a different world now. If I've never said it to you, I'm proud your my Uncle, of what you did and came thru and I'm damn glad your still in my life.

    Love you,

  11. I am glad you posted a picture because I would not have recognized you if I happened to be in your area.

    Like Andy V said...thank you for your service to our country.

  12. Well Shucks Ginger, Didn't think of that and now my beard and hair are scattered to the four winds.

    Dale, most of the time I'm glad to still be around.

    MsB, thanks and hopefully by the time you come down here I'll still look the same. This place has a way of changing people's looks though.

  13. (((BIG HUG FOR DALE)))

    **kiss on cheek for Tffnguy**

    I love, Love, LOVE the snapshot of Sunny ... captures her spunk perfectly ... please tell her I said HELLO!

  14. You look just fine. Don't pass up a straw Stetson, or I might see you at the Skin Cancer Servivors Club meetings.

  15. MC, Sunny wanted me to delete that picture and I refused. I told her I was going to post it on the blog. ;)

    lou, I may wear one of my hats some, but like I said before I don't care much for hats so will try to remember to keep the sun blocker on hat or not.


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