Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Blowout

I've never been one to sweat a Friday the 13th, but the last one proved to live up to it's reputation! At about 3:30 AM I woke up and felt something lite on my hair so I grabbed and squashed it. When I turned on the light to see what it was I found it to be a Cone nosed Beetle. I guess at least part of that was a good thing because I got it before it had a chance to get me. Later I noticed that the screen next to the couch had partially fallen in and there was about an inch and a half opening for that beetle and all the other flying bugs to enter at will. I got that fixed so that was another good thing.

One of the members at the legion had told me about a free BBQ feed in Study Butte and wanted to know if I was going and if so he'd like to catch a ride. I figured what the heck and decided to go. My neighbor decided he wouldn't mind riding in to. At about 1:00 PM we loaded in the falcon and headed that way. No problem going and my neighbor stayed there and was going to ride back with his wife.

On the return trip the other two of us were going down the same very steep and winding S curve where I'd had one of the blowouts before and it was Déjà vu. Yep! Another blowout! This time I came real close to smacking the guardrail! As luck would have it it was one of the supposed to be 1 year old new tires that had only been used for two weeks. That was on the front and stock rims wouldn't fit on the front because of the disc brakes I'd added a few years back. That meant taking one of the larger rear tires on the mag and moving it to the front so I could use the small spare on the rear. That didn't work well at all because the tire I put on the front was so large that it rubbed the fender in even a slight turn. It also means that I have a tall tire on one side of the rear and a small tire on the other side which could cause problems with the mechanics of the rear end among other things. Further inspection of the other tire I bought in Odessa shows signs of weather rot and a bulge in the side wall. This probably indicates that the tires were much older than a year old.

The pictures above are by Robert (Bob) Dawson of his home down here. He is my nearest neighbor and good friend. He took what I believe is a storage building for an RV, put it up and built his house inside it. As you can see it is one heck of a house and built to be very energy efficient for this area. I'll probably add more pictures off and on along the way.


  1. I'm so glad you didn't get bit, and I'm so glad you found where the bugs were getting in and FIXED it.

    I'm so glad you weren't hurt during your blowout ... and I'm sad you're having to go through the stress of all the tire/wheel stuff ... but I'm glad you know how to fix it and what needs to be done.

    The pictures fascinate me ... anxious to hear your explanation :)

  2. I had no idea what that bug was so I looked it up.. "Triatoma dimidiata and other Blood Sucking Cone Nose Bugs are Assassin Bugs, not Beetles. Members of this genus are also known as Kissing Bugs due to the frequency of biting victims around the lips." Man!!!! WOW!!

  3. Yeah' I had a tire "Explode" on me in May. Almost rolled my Toyota at 70 mph.
    Trust me I know how you feel. I now replace tires every four years or so.

    If you want some bugs, I got some Mosquitoe's down here in South Texas you can have. We use "12 gauge pump fly swatters" down here due to the size.

  4. ~mc~, I've updated the thread with a short explanation of the pictures. I was glad of all that to. ;) Nick showed up about 10:45 last night and was going to sleep in the back of his PU, but I suggested he rack out in this trailer instead because of the cone noses. He got the bed and I took the couch. Aren't I a good friend? Actually I sleep on the couch now under the swamp cooler and there is only a small fan in the bedroom. ;)

    BlackBeard, as far as I know I haven't been bitten by one yet, but there are plenty of other biting bugs and other stuff that bite down here! Unfortunately I have plenty of bites on me to prove it. As far as the cone noses they seem to effect different people in different ways. (probably because of some being allergic to the bites?) Some people say they don't bother them too much and some say they get real sick and swell a lot.

    Captain, looks like I'll be buying 2 NEW tires next month. I'll be having to live with the car as is until then. I can't use the trike on the highway now because the license and sticker have expired. Its also not running right now because its been so long since I have ridden it. With all the tall grass in the middle of the road I'm hesitant to ride it because of the chance of snakes hiding out in the grass. I guess I need to turn it in to an ATV or something besides a chopper trike.

  5. Glad you're ok, and glad to hear Nick got there safely. I love Bob's rustic looking kitchen cabinets. Did he make those himself?

  6. The next Friday the 13th just stay in bed all day with bug netting all around you.

  7. Fantastic conversion of a RV shelter into a "condo". That's what I'm talk'n bout.

    How many does that make now? Bout 6 in the last year? I think I would find a different tire salesman.
    Good to hear ya kilt that cone critter. If'n it would'a been in my hair, there would be another door in the camper.

  8. Abby, I think the cabinets came from Mexico, but he had to almost rebuild one that blew out of the trailer when a semi went by while they were bringing it in. It was in pieces, but you can't tell it by looking at it. The beds are made buy some guys down here and the wood is from debris from one of the hurricanes that hit Texas a couple of years back. He did do about 99% of putting up the building and all of the inside of it. The Dolls are from his daughter's collection. You would think he is fond of his daughter wouldn't you? ;)

    Dizzy-Dick, That might not be such a bad idea, but I'd probably fall out of bed and break something.

    BB, I think that was 4 since I nested at the BBMI when I first got down here. Really though I've about lost count. I'm going to bite the bullet and get two new ones for the front and maybe two new ones for the back in another month or two. Then I'll need to get new ones for the trailer and a couple of spares for it so I can carry at least 4 spares for the falcon and trailer with me in the trailer all the time. As far as the cone noses and other critters? You got to get tough with them before they get tough with you.

  9. Updated this thread with 5 more pictures of the Dawson place before and during construction.


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