Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nick, Frann & Steve

Nick came by on his way out and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the Legion for a cool one before he pulled out so I chained up Pepper and I followed him down there. Either that or he followed me. (Don't remember which) We hadn't no more than went inside and in walked Frann and Steve so we sat around and visited for a while. Frann and Steve had a date with some steaks at some other people's place they had met earlier, but they stopped by and inspected the dungeon before heading back south. Of course as usual I was brain dead and forget to get the camera and take pictures while they were here. :( Maybe next visit!

With nothing much else to post I took some pictures of one more use for pallets so will post a couple of pictures of that use. This is a temporary thing until I get racks for the solar panels built. (When the weather gets right!)
And then there's this.
Pepper Update
Frann's dog Kinky and Pepper didn't seem to want to scrap while they were here. The two dogs seemed like they wanted to play. I had pepper tied up though so I guess when F & S come back I'll let her loose and see what happens. She is actually getting worse about some people though and she tried to bite me the other day when my neighbor Bob and his family came over. Pepper kept jumping up on his wife and especially his daughter so when I was trying to put the leash on her to tie her up she tried to bite me. Fortunately for her I had her by the collar and was able to prevent her from actually doing it. Her life expectance suddenly dropped at that point because I will NOT put up with a biting dog! She also tried to bite a visitor several times as he was walking up to the trailer.


  1. Oh I wish you had your camera for the Legion meet-up!

    That last picture is awe-inspiring! Beyond gorgeous! Breath-taking!

  2. Referring back to your tire blowout problem from a couple of posts ago....

    In 2008 I watched a 20/20 television program about tires and it's still available at this link. http::// Id=4826897

    Following is what I got out of it:

    Tires are considered dangerous to drive on after six years from manufacture date whether or not they have ever been driven on, because the rubber dries out. This leads to possibility that the tread will separate and that may cause loss of control. Many brand new tires have been found in retail outlets (Wal-Mart, Sears, gas stations) that are already more than 6 years old. Tires are marked with a code that tells the year and week the tire was made. It is on the side of the tire that is usually on the inside, so if tires are already installed, you will have to get under the vehicle to see the code on the inside wall of the tire. Look for a string of numbers and characters that follow the acronym “DOT”. At the very end of the string there will be a code that can be translated as follows: The first 2 numbers are the week of the year (01 to 52) and the next 1 or 2 numbers identify the year. If the year code is a single digit the tire is from the 1990s, otherwise it will be 2000 or later. Examples: 414 means the 41st week of 1994; 4202 means the 42nd week of 2002; 231 means the 23rd week of 1991. When you buy tires make sure they are “fresh’. Some people recommend replacing tires every 6 years no matter how much tread remains or how much mileage has been put on them.

  3. I miss west Texas, I miss west Texas, I miss west Texas.

    Im living in wonderful Corpus Christi, Texas. 98 Degrees, 98 percent humidity, $1300.00 a year Tax Bill on a house with $1500.00 a year hurricane, windstrom and flood insurance bill.

    Anybody wanna trade????

  4. MC, the old camera is starting to act up more and more and I just don't carry it around. I wish I'd have had it there to and taken some pictures here to. :(

    anonymous, I'd heard that from a member on my main site a while back and intended to check the tires, but had forgotten. I'll look at the shredded tire in the trunk and see if the info can be found. That tire is in pretty sad shape though.

    Captain, I've got relatives that live around Corpus Christi and have been there a number of times. I love it down there to visit, but sure wouldn't want to live there. I used to hang out at Galveston a BUNCH years ago and liked Corpus Christi a lot better, but they have so many rules at Galveston beaches now its a waste of time as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps the beaches in your area are the same?

  5. Sounds like Peppeer has missed her calling. She wants to be a watch dog or a comando. She might save your life some day.

  6. David,
    Try training the dog with positive reinforcement. I would buy cheap hot dogs cut in real small pieces or some kind of cheap snack that she likes. When you want to put her on her leash say: Come Pepper leash, TREAT and give her tiny portion of treat--then she will associate it with a good thing. You can do that with everything. Associate what you want her to do with positive feedback. Squat down on her level and pet her and tell her what a good girl she is whenever she does anything good.
    Just a training tip that works for me.

  7. I saw that was awsome!!

  8. Dizzy-Dick, she might also get me sued over biting someone to so I won't have her biting me or anyone else without paying the price.

    Kathleen, I'm supposed to be her master not her being mine. We had dogs for as far back as I can remember up until I went in the army and I've had a few since then. None of them ever required all of that for them to be good dogs. However, they were all outside dogs and didn't get to sleep inside like Pepper does. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong?

    I haven't had much trouble putting her on the leash before, but she wanted to play with the girl by jumping up on her and the girl and her mother neither wanted her to do that. She was willing to bite me to keep me from stopping her. That ain't going to cut it.

    With that said... Anyone what to adopt a Pepper?

  9. frann, it was around for a good while and I watched if for a good while.

    You should be able to see the International Space Station going over tonight starting at 9:07 PM and viewable for 3 minutes Elevation 22 degrees starting at 16 degrees in the South Southeast exiting at 15 degrees in the East. Should look like a very bright slow moving star.

  10. Every dog I've had had to be trained not to jump on people. How old is Pepper?

  11. the desert rose, I guess about 11 months old now according to a vet. She rarely does that to men mainly just woman and girls. She did that to me at first and I trained her not to. Maybe that's why she mainly does it to women and girls. I'd sure hate to have to dress in drag to train her not to do it to woman! ;)

  12. It helps if your visitors help you with the training! I finally got ONE friend to come over and be a model guest and the dogs settled down real quick. By model guest, I mean: DO NOT look at the dog, DO NOT talk to the dog, DO NOT touch the dog! Look at ME and talk to ME and pretend they aren't there. When they are calm, then the guest can pay attention to them. I'll be happy to help you practice visitors with Pepper :)

  13. Abby, That is probably the case because both of them petted her when I first got her. The girl was more playful with her, but now both of them don't want her jumping on them. She used to chase their car all the time and even got in front of it a few times and wouldn't let them go on by until I scolded her and made her move. I finally got her broke of that. She is a real slow learner and stubborn as a mule though!

  14. Tffnguy.

    Sadly there's been more development on the beaches down here in Corpus, and hence more rules. Its best to stay away from Packery Channel and just go directly to Mustang Island State Park or the National Seashore (thanks to radical enviromentalism in our goverment, there has been talk about closing the Padre Island National Seashore to vehicle traffic:(

  15. Back in ATL.. need sleep...

  16. Captain, Sounds about right on that. I guess they're going to restrict it to horse and carriage traffic so the beaches will be littered with horse poop. (Eyes Rollin) If Nick has his way about it it will be burro and cart down here. ;) Maybe he can elaborate...

    Nick, get some sleep!

    And on another note I decided to watch the Space Station fly over last night. Probably not the best thing I could have done because for the full three minutes I thought of when I was back in Plano watching it with the Ex and granddaughters. :( that used to be a ritual there after we were sitting out there one night and I spied a slow star looking object going across the sky. I did an internet search and found the NASA site I posted above and found out that it had been the International Space Station.

  17. I enjoy watching satellites also. I refer to for info. Once you put in your coordinates the site does everything for you. Iridium flares are a favorite of mine along with the ISS and HST. The rest of the satellites are basically space junk. But out there where there is no light pollution, you can see close to 100 satellites a night.

    I am sorry Pepper is being such a little sh*t. I wish I could help out there. Maybe MC will take her and give her to Miss Field Lab 2010 as a pet!

  18. Andy V, I've seen two Iridium flares, but I didn't know what the first one was. The second was pointed out to Dale while they were down here. Very impressive! I'll check out the site.

    As for Pepper, she is Pepper and she never fails to amaze me in a BAD way!

  19. Whoops! That should have been by Dale instead of "to Dale" in the past message.

  20. Hello everyone,

    Just got back home from my Dr. appointment this morning, let me tell you having bone marrow drawn is no fun at all. While todays news isn't as bad as it sounds, it still wasn't what I wanted to hear. I was told my cancer is stage 3, but if you were to be diagnosed with a Hodkins cancer this the one to have. Now we have to wait 2 more weeks before we can start treatment as we have to make sure nothing is in my bone marrow. I had a call this afternoon from the Lance Armstrong Foundation to ask about any clinical trials that may not include chemo or radiation, just to see what alternatives I might have. I again thank you for all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers you've been sending our way. My daughter is having the hardest time with all of this, as she's alway's been daddy's girl, please say an extra prayer for her to find peace and understanding with this throughout this trying time. While I don't exactly look forward to chemo and radiation treatments again, I know I will get though this, especially with all of your continued support, it means so much to all of us.

    Thanks again,

  21. Dale, that's a different picture than the one NJ painted for us so I sure hope she doesn't read this blog! This is really a pretty big shock and you know we are behind you all the way.


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