Friday, February 4, 2011

Terlingua Time strikes again!

I headed south to the Study Butte Store this morning with the intent of getting the propane tanks filled and to get gas for the generator/charger and fill up the falcon. I also decided to get a few supplies. I did get the gas, BUT the guy that is supposed to fill the propane tanks decided he was not going to fill anymore tanks until it warms up. How warm does he want it to get? Who knows?. Its barely supposed to make 40 degrees (if it even makes that.) While I was there it was pretty cool, but the sun was shining and there was no wind at all so it didn't feel bad. Now I could have left the tanks there and HOPED he decided to fill them by in the morning (along with what looked like at least 15 more tanks waiting on him) Then I'd have to made another 40 mile round trip just to pick up filled tanks or who knows maybe empty ones? Its now 32 degrees, but the wind is starting to really howl so I wonder if the "wait until it warms up" will be come "Wait until it warms up and the wind isn't blowing" ??? Hell... during holidays and what not when he decides to head out of town there is no place down here to get tanks filled no matter how cold it is.

With this said I think its time for me to start making trips North instead of South because gas is usually about 25 cents per gallon cheaper in Alpine and so is all other supplies. I'd suspect propane is cheaper there to and probably sold without the attitude or charging for more propane than is actually used to fill the tanks. Its 20 miles to SB or really about 23 to the Study Butte Store from here so if I'd had to leave the tanks and go back on the chance that they did get filled that would have been 86 miles for the two trips. Its 58 miles to Alpine, but like I said everything there is a lot cheaper and there is a lot more stuff to be had.

BTW I got my other supplies at the Cottonwood Store and it will become my place to shop down there. I guess if I really get in a bind then I'll get gas at the BBMI. I'll try not to get caught with my pants down again and always make sure I have enough propane for times like these. So far the propane is holding up for the big heater in here, but I have a feeling I'll get pretty cold some time between now and Monday when I go to Alpine for propane and supplies. Evidently the guy in Study Butte doesn't give a damn about people freezing their posteriors off because he refuses to fill tanks. May the high wind and cold chap his @$$!

For those who don't know what Terlingua Time is? Well down here a lot of people just get around to doing stuff when they want to and not when they are supposed to. That is Terlingua Time.


  1. Is there a company out there that will sell/rent and refill the big tanks (100lbs or more)?

  2. Abby, there is at least one company that will deliver, but I think they have a minimum of 250 gallons and no way I could pay for that much propane at one time. I'd also either have to buy a tank (Not cheap) or rent one from them for $10 per month. For the average person SBS is about the only game down here unless you go to Alpine. Unfortunately the guy at SBS knows that and uses it to his full advantage.

  3. Tffnguy

    Down here we call it "Island Time"

    Same as Terlingua Time I think. We will be there at 8:00 am they say. They show up at 10:00 am.

    This is what you guys should do. Find out where the "gas pusher" lives and go stay with him. Get all the people togather that have empty propane tanks and show up at the "gas pushers" house with sleeping bags, towels and bars of your own soap. Make a serious issue about staying with him untill it warms up.

    I will bet he will be more than happy to fill your tanks and send you on your merry way..

    what have you got to lose?

    Civil disobedience is a wonderful thing.

  4. cc, down here people get shot for stuff like that. Too bad some of the people on Terlingua Time don't!

    BTW the legion's water froze up so no facilities can be used there until that gets fixed. The blower belt in the furnace also broke so NO Heat. Don't know if this will get fixed in time for the Super Bowl party or not, but if it isn't then there goes that I guess. If I could get the charger to start I'd be able to watch it online here. Might be wrapped in a bunch of blankets though. ;)

  5. Got the water back. I stripped the insulation from the pipes, and in about 45 minutes the sun thawed the pipes out. Will have to re-cover them tonight, since it will be 18 degrees.

    Always have the oven to fall back on for heat.

    Life in the desert sure is fun sometimes.

  6. Yes it is Dave. A real blast! I won't know what to do when it gets 61 tomorrow!

  7. Hey Unc,

    On the part of the fellow charging more than he put in the tank, isn't that the same as a gas pump and watched by the state? I think it's agriculture, that governs the accuracy of the of the metering system. So if he over charges each, is he underpaying taxes on the said amount? It would be worth making a phone call or an email to the Dept of Agriculture, what's the worse they can say, no? Maybe get him looked at and see if it might help his attitude, or rattle him anyway. Just a thought...

  8. I don't know about that Dale, but I don't want to get him in trouble. Just don't like his attitude!

  9. Oh I think its the Railroad commission that regulates that believe it or not. I got a certification through them one time to work on propane appliances.

  10. believe it or not...propane in Study Butte is cheaper than Alpine. A 20lb tank filled in Alpine is a flat fee of 18 bucks....even if it isn't empty.

  11. So where do you get it there John. I'm headed that way in the morning.


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