Monday, April 25, 2011

Door and Bumper Sticker

I got the door moved from the Dungeon to the Dungeon II and hung this morning just before the wind got up. Still like a lot of work to get it right, but its too damned windy to do anything out there now. Wish I had some milk and ice cream because I could make milkshakes in here just by combining them in a glass and setting the glass on the counter. Did I say its WINDY as HELL?
I was going to open the trunk on the falcon this morning to get a tool out and what do I see. Yep a bumper sticker stuck on the trunk of the falcon!!! Don't know who done it?
Its now part of the dress up on the Dungeon II. Note the sticker to the right of the door on the Dungeon II.


  1. Darn Nick! Door looks good.

  2. Well I guess I'm going to have to have a DNA test run on it and go from there. I plan to entomb the culprit in the Dungeon II, turn it in to a time capsule and raffle off the contents to be had in 50 years when its opened.

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  4. Tim, believe it or not I think the biggest majority just got good and mellow. I had very little signs of a hangover the day after. Just a lot of friendly chit chat, some shooting by a few of us and then Nick playing his guitar in the Dungeon II to cap it off. Not trying to ring my own chimes, but I think it was the best most well behaved party I've ever been to and believe me I've been to a BUNCH. The whole key to its success were the good people invited and again believe it or not everyone that was invited showed up. (That is real unusual down here.)


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