Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Madness!

A while back Frann saw what I was using for plugs for some unused hose connections around here and she said only I would come up with an ideal like that? I guess it just comes natural for me because when I need something for a purpose I just grab the first thing handy that will do what I want to do. In this case after the rather LARGE spider ran out on my hand when I picked up a hose my thoughts were to keep anything like that plugged that I didn't want spiders in.
Yesterday I got ready to take a shower about 4:30 and the water was almost too hot to take one, but I decided to grin and bear it because I really needed a shower after the following days work helping pull the engine. I'd already taken two showers out of the tank without refilling it, but thought I could get three out of it because the pump wasn't pumping too good. Big mistake! I hadn't no more than soaped down my hair, face and beard real good when the water ran out. Now... I don't know how many of you have ever gotten soap in your eyes, but I can tell you it isn't a fun thing to do!!! Anyway I had to put my swimming trunks back on, house shoes (which were sitting outside the shower) and keep my eyes open long enough to get to the water jug next to the door so I could rinse my hair and face to get the soap out of my eyes. Then I took that jug which was getting low and took it to the water tank to refill it so I could add enough water to the shower tank so I could finish the shower. Well the water tank is getting low so I had hell getting enough water in the jug, but managed it and finished up my shower.
This morning I figured out that I was going to have to come up with a better way to do things around here so I moved the pump from the shower tank to the main water tank and added a 75 foot garden hose to it with a nozzle on the end of it. The pump is an RV type pump that shuts off and on by demand so this will work out pretty good. With the 75 foot hose it will reach to the shower and I can suspend the nozzle overhead where the shower nozzle is so will be able to take a shower by doing that. The draw back is that the water in the hose will be hot and then when that water is purged out it will be cold water from the tank so taking showers like that could be a real blast. At least it will let me keep taking showers here rather than down south. It will probably also get me in gear to get the new shower and dressing room finished.
This will also help with the swamp cooler because rather than having to go around to the water tank to fill a one gallon jug to pour in the swamp cooler numerous times a day I can just walk out the door and fill it with the nozzle. It will also help with patching holes in the new/old Dungeon II because when I'm welding I don't want to start a wild fire around here. If I caught something on fire I would have the hose and nozzle ready to grab it and put the fire out before it had a chance to spread. I will get the water tank refilled before starting on that because I want to make sure I have plenty of water.


  1. You might want to put some kind of float switch on the pump so you don't drain all your water and burn out the pump. Wildlife have a habit of destroying hoses.

  2. In this case after the rather LARGE spider ran out on my hand when I picked up a hose my thoughts were to keep anything like that plugged that I didn't want spiders in.

    I hate it when that happens.

  3. Michael, I've gone one better after I walked out and noticed the cheap hose was considerably larger than it should be. The pump puts out too much pressure for it for the hose to stay pressured up all the time so that's out. I'll have to disconnect the pump after I use it or wildlife may not be what causes all of the water to be lost. I have seen squirrels and rabbits chew in to hoses to get water before though. No squirrels here, but there are rabbits and no telling what else that might do that though.

    Terry, I do to. Fortunately it startled me and I flung it off of my hand before it had a chance to bite me.

  4. I'm a fan of whatever works. Maybe you should take a jug of water in the shower with you just in case? You never know. Hate soap in the eyes.

    Ya, get yer butt in gear and get the new shower/dressing room finished.

    Spiders skeer me.

  5. jicky, hadn't thought of that, but it might be a good idea. Better yet I'll be sure to check the watter level in the tank if I hook that back up. Usint the pump like that will work well with the new shower though because I'll be able to pump water up to the tank that will be on top of it.

    Me no likie spiders either. Especially the ones that bite.

  6. Rolling on the ground laughing my ass off (well maybe not)funny, funny, funny!! I have a all soaped up running around ..soap blind... looking for a towel.

  7. If I move to Terlinuga ranch maybe I will pick up a used water truck make money dilivering water when peoples showers run out.

  8. What about making another inlet hole in the shower tank, joining the main tank to that hole and then when you shower, the main tank can fill up the shower tank as it empties / is emptied. Maybe a floatation device can regulate when the main tank fills up the shower one.

  9. Thanks Frann, With friends like you who needs enemies? ;)

    CC, that would be bad waiting on you to get here to fill the tank. I'll just make sure I have enough water next time.

    Dani, I filled that shower tank to the brim before I decided I could use the water from the main tank for a shower. I think my next project after getting Dungeon II ready to take the place of the Dungeon will be to get the new shower finished. Don't know what I'll use that water for now because that tank will have to be empty before I could mount it on top of the new shower building.


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