Sunday, April 3, 2011

TANK Party?

Frann keeps insisting I have a tank party so I guess I need to oblige her. Never heard of a TANK PARTY before so not sure what's supposed to happen at one. Maybe if enough people show up we can get smashed,  all hold hands while circling it and singing Ring around the Tankie? If it was just at the right time we could have BBQ prickly pear pads, fried Yucca Fruit with sauteed Yucca Flowers, How about a mix of Strawberry cactus and Prickly pear apple wine or perhaps some of the Mescal made from the prickly pear pads? Of course we will need some type of meat so maybe I'll get out and scare up a few rattlesnakes. Hay might as well keep it all desert food right? ;) Who all is going to be down here on Labor Day or Memorial day?
That steel door is HEAVY!!! I think instead of using it I'll use the door I put in the front of the dungeon. I'm going to need to do a good bit of rust through patching, but hopefully will have that done before the end of this month so the Dungeon can go away. I'll use pieces of the iron that was cut out for the door to patch the larger holes with and can just weld up small holes. It should then be water proof, rodent proof and snake proof above all.
Sure wouldn't hurt to coat the inside with rust killer. Don't know if I'll do that or not though?


  1. I had some prickly pear cactus ice cream when I was at Tortilla Flats, Arizona. You could have some of that, real goooood. Or you could just get "tanked".

  2. Well DD, the getting tanked part sounds good and if the ice cream is as good as the prickly pear jam Just Me made then it would probably be great.

  3. Sounds like the midnight madness around the fire pit at renfaire. I'll be there by then.

    That tank is in need of some serious TLC!

  4. somehow I think if there is an excuse to party you will find it.;)

  5. Unc,

    You ever use POR-15 on any of your old cars? It's a Paint On Rust and hardens it back into a solid metal. I'd seen some a buddy used on an old Mopar and it worked real well. Don't know about cost, but it might help out with the rust and it paints well too! Good luck with it.

  6. I think Frann's idea is a great idea! I wish I were any closer cuz I'd join in on the fun. Sauteed yucca flower is delicious. I was looking at my cactus pads earlier today and they are still very small. It would be cool if you could sand blast yer tank inside and out then galvanize it. Dang, then you'd have a penthouse :). -Jen

  7. I love your tank..Get over by a tank..just pee around the corner...Fun and storage!

  8. D Rose, you're right, but I'll be able to use it without doing much to it for now.

    Nick, don't blame me its all Frann's fault.

    Dale, POW-15 is some pretty expensive stuff so I won't be going that rout.

    Jen, I guess you need to take a vacation down here to make the party. ;)

    Frann, I guess I could earth bag it, but I'm too lazy for that.

  9. I like your tank and getting "tanked" sounds good too :D

  10. Tffnguy

    I bet that tank is EMP proof. If you have a cell phone, go inside and close the metal door. Check to see if you have "No Signal". Then you will know if its EMP proof. You can have a place to go and think without the "Sputnik Satellite" (or now Chinease Spy Satellites) reading you mind. I had a metal plate installed in my head to block "mind control" commands from foriegn goverments. (Since then, I lost my taste for Chinease Food, Borst and Russian Cigarrettes)

  11. MsB, I figure everyone should have their own tank whether they get tanked or not. ;)

    CC, it may turn out to be right the opposite. The door is facing the way the cell phone signals comes here from so it might do the same thing as a satellite dish would by adding a few bars?

    BTW RN is here and we will head for BBMI soon and I've emailed Frann to meet us there. No reply yet so if we don't see her there we'll be heading to her place after that. I won't be on the computer as much while RN is here so replies here may be slow in coming.


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